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Do you have to pollinate blueberry bush with another blueberry bush?

Or can you plant a raspberry bush in place of a 2nd blueberry bush. I'm growing my first blueberry bush and just realized that I need a 2nd bush to pollinate. Just curious if is HAS to be a blueberry or can be another "similar" berry.

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    You had to have at least two blueberry bushes within three feet to have them pollinate. I have a ton of raspberries and they did not help cross pollinate. I eventually had to move my blue berries closer together to get fruit.

    Source(s): life experience in my yard and I am a master gardner.
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    In order to have a decent crop, you really need two or more cultivars. Additionally, they should bloom at the same time, so you need to get two that are like early season, mid-season, or late-season. I have 2 mid-season, 2 late season, and two early. But you also have to take into consideration that some are small berries and some are the size of a quarter. That will not make a difference though in pollinating.

    But stick with either high-bush, low bush, or rabbiteyes as far as your selections. Additionally, raspberries are rubus and blueberries are vacinnium-not related.

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    Blueberries will make berries without another plant, but tend to pollinate better when there is another one around, a different one.

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