Recommendations for a stressed out person going through a quarter-life crisis?

I am in a profession that many would really enjoy...but it stresses me out and I don't feel this is the job I was meant to be doing. I do enjoy it but I don't love it. I am never really unhappy....but I'm never really happy either. I want to do what I love...make a profession out of doing art. But it is a scary endeavor. I also don't think my husband is excited about the later we want to buy a house soon and start a family and he is worried about losing a steady income. What do you reccomend. I feel internally torn. It is making me depressed at times.

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    1st of just relax!! Take a deep breath and enjoy!! If you're not happ in your job choice, then get yourself prepaired for the change!! Most people never have that luxury, of doing what they love/like!! Most of the people I know hate their jobs, and never talk about their job, unless it is negative!! Maybe yu could keep the job (at least partime), and begin moving toward your goal, of art!! WOW, that sounds great, do what you love & get paid for it to!! Weather men/women, are rite 50% of the time and they get paid 100% of their wage. Most jobs would fire you for 50% productivity!! good luck

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    You have to be practical. What will make you more depressed: Struggling to make your monthly payments; losing you home; or staying where you are at? Life is not a matter of "happiness" and "love". It is more in the realm of reality, responsibility, sacrifice, endurance, faithfulness, and caring. Be practical and real. Get out of a dream world that only has one thing, YOUR happiness. Can't you be happy with your husband, your job, and the potential you now have? Think about it.

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    Becoming an artists sounds great, until you realize no one will buy your art until you are dead, and for the reast of your life you and your family are going to live in a box on the street. Not many love their work, but find time after to do something you enjoy. It's wishful thinking, and not practical at all.

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    To be honest we need a balance between money and what we love to do....yes if we do what we love doing we will do better at it but we also need to be realistic, depending on your choice...i.e. we need to see what is the probability of succeeding in what we do according to demand etc as there are risks involved......

    If it is something as simple as a career change then go for it now than later....

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