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whats a mole?

what is a mole and whats the point of them ... plus why do they seem to be on backs a lot of the time and have they anything to do with cancer

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    they look like blind rats with minature human hands that dwell underground, another definition of a mole is like a spy planted in a corporation or military compound to gather secret info! & still another def. is a small(or large)birth mark like thing on your body!

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    Well, the position of a mole depends on everyone. It can vary from race to race. Most of mine are on my chest. They do have some relevancy with cancer, but very few of them do. Most moles are non-cancerous but some can be.

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    some moles can attribute to cancer, but not all. enrique inglesas, is a prime example. he was well known for the mole on his face right next to his nose. it was his signature mark, until he got it removed a couple of years ago, because it turned out to be like cancerous or something.

    if you're worried about your moles you should definitly go to your doctor and get them checked out. hey, better safe, than sorry.

    hope this helps.

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    They consume small invertebrate animals residing underground. A mole's weight loss application broadly speaking is composed of earthworms and different small invertebrates stumbled on in the soil. The mole could additionally from time to time capture small mice on the front to its burrow. by using fact their saliva encompasses a toxin that could paralyze earthworms, moles are waiting to keep their nonetheless residing prey for later intake. They build specific underground "larders" for in basic terms this objective; researchers have stumbled on such larders with over 1000 earthworms in them. till now ingesting earthworms, moles pull them between their squeezed paws to tension the accrued earth and airborne dirt and airborne dirt and dust out of the trojan horse's gut.[3] The vast call-nosed Mole can hit upon, capture and consume nutrition quicker than the human eye can save on with (below eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf300 milliseconds). lovable fact: a collection of moles is declared as a exertions.

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    I used to think they were harmless little animals that made a mess of your front lawn.

    After a spell in hospital I know a bit more. Most of the time they are simply benign growths on the skin and the majority of the population have them.

    What is important is to keep a watch on them and take careful note of any change in there appearance. Normally they are circular in shape any significant change is important. If you're in any doubt don't delay get your doctor to check it out.

    Skin cancers are rising in numbers. they can be successfully treated but an early diagnosis is important.

    If you have any suspicion at all get to your doctor,right now.

    Ian M


    Source(s): I had a malignant melanoma removed in 1983. I'm still here to tell you about it.
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    a mole is a under ground dwelling critter.He lives off bugs,worms. They come out at night roaming all over and digging back down in the ground looking for food.the may dig as many as 8 holes

    a night.They destroy Lawns and can do it in

    one night. They are nearly blind,and spend days


    N0 cancer threat,best way to get rid of them is

    to use a Mole spike.Drive it in the ground.The

    spike has poison on the tip.The mole can't resist the smell.

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    If your mole is growing bigger, or has a weird shape to it, or is elevated, check it out..

    moles are just colored parts of your skin, something like that?

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    hiya a mole isnt anithing to worry about . i have one and there nothing to make fun out of . they are just usually in your genes and arnt there for a purpose realy . most people are born with them like me and also i had one under my arm but it was a stick out one . them ones usually just go hard and drop off like mine did lol. u shouldent worry about it because they have not a high link to cancer or anithing they are just like a unpainful spot that dosent go away - there is a 2 % chance it could be cancerous but hardly anyone has had cancer from one !

    hope this helped !

    tasha x

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    It is an area of high pigment concentration on your skin.

    They CAN become cancerous, so they should be checked frequently.

    The warning signs are easy to remember

    A-if they are ASYMMETRIVAL (the halves don't match)

    B-BORDER that is uneven

    C-COLOR is uneven and

    D-DIAMETER..large ones are more frequently cancerous.

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