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Funny Halloween Costume?


i need a good idea for a REALLY funny halloween costume. cuz i really wanna win "Best Costume" for a party im going to .

thanks :]

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    Cavewoman and carry with some geico insurance forms....

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    I won a contest dressing up as a One Night Stand. :) There are 2 ways to do this: the slutty, "morning-after" look where your clothes/hair are all wrinkled/messy, red eyes, messy makeup, stockings torn, used condom wrappers, and so on. Then there's what I did: I put a large box top (like the covers for copy paper boxes) on top of my head, put a piece of cloth over it then fastened a construction paper lamp, box of tissues, remote control, alarm clock, etc. to the top. Get it? A One Nightstand. Very punny. Hey, I won first prize! :)

    I also wore a full-length cape under the box so nobody could see my legs. NOTE: I tried to tie the box to my head but I didn't do that part right - I didn't center it properly, it should be right in the middle so it's balanced. I ended up holding it up with my hands instead - got very tiring. Good luck!! :)

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    This year I'm going as the worst transvestite hooker ever. I'm going to let the hair on my legs grow for the next month. I'm wearing a mini-skirt and stuffing a sock in my crotch. I'm going to stuff my bra so it's noticeably uneven and leave a lil TP trailing out somewhere. I might also break the heel off of one shoe in an old pair of heels and walk around lopsided all night. And I'm going to overdo the makeup (think 80s blusher and blue eyeshadow) and use coal to make a 5 o'clock shadow.

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    Ugly Betty

    other things like; a teacher, a friend, funny... hmm... a joke book?

    Then like dress up like a joke book and then like if someone for example was dressed like a skeleton comes up to you: U=you S=skelton

    S: hey

    U: hey funny bones

    S: hi...?

    U: What's crackin? (besides your bones!)

    well... hmm... my sense of humor is bad but there you have it!

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    You should be a Whoopie Cushion...

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    amy winehouse

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    ugly betty. my avatar is her...

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    a big mac.

    a shake

    "ceral" killer [like serial but put knifes through ceral] *playonwords* lol

    uhh idk wat else

    goodluck hope u win

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