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1980's music?

What is so important about the music in the 1980's? Who was the most famous musician in that decade?What music had changed the way we live today?

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    If this makes any in the '80s became *pretty*....with all the hair bands, guys with long hair, makeup and leather pants, etc....the popular bands in the '80s took things up a notch from the *old-style* rock and roll images that people had.....that carried over into pop music as well with bands like Duran Duran, George Michaels, Boy George....everyone tried to *out pretty* everyone else....IMO anyway.....I am a huge fan of all types of '80s music, specifically the hair bands (and yes my friends do tease me)

    I would have to say that Bon Jovi is *the* most the rock genre anyway....and like I said, Duran Duran was up there too...Michael Jackson was another one that was *pretty* (and ever changing in weird weird ways)

    Music has changed the way we live I think because so many people use music to help get them through their day...I know I always have music on.....way more than the TV when I'm home....

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    I think every decade proves to have someone of importance, but so far the 2000s haven't come up with anyone interesting.

    Music video was what changed the landscape in the 80s. Based on sight unseen, I think half the bands never would've made it on to radio. Christopher Cross won 5 Grammys. Sight unseen.

    Biggest musicians of the 80s (some of them were big in the 70s, but between sales and touring)



    Bruce Springsteen

    Guns N Roses



    Def Leppard



    Van Halen

    Phil Collins

    Pink Floyd

    What we listen to today had little to do with most of them. What influenced music in the 90s and now had more to do with "college rock" bands and rap, post punk and the second wave of British Heavy Metal.

    But I think more people started to open themselves to listen to different styles of music by the end of the decade.

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    There were a lot of important artists in the '80s. They included Cyndi Lauper, Ratt, Bon Jovi, George Michael, Michael and Janet Jackson, and so on. The '80s were really a great time for music no matter what anybody says. It's also wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than 99% of the stuff on the radio today!

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    I don't know in particular who was the biggest in the decade but I will say that Madonna and Michael Jackson were huge in the '80s.

    Also the hair band era was a huge sucess in the '80s. Those bands included Poison, Cinderella, Ratt, Journey, etc.

    I don't know which music changed the way we live today per say, but I do kow that music makes everybody happy.

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    For me early eighty's have been finest. somebody else mentioned the disco element, popping out of the 70's and so on made the early eighty's much less exciting. I disagree with this, as i became into around then, and through the full disco craze of the 70's (which did no longer consequence me, as I despised it), there have been a lot of large rock, steel, and new wave bands. no might desire to record 'em, as maximum people are conscious. comparable might properly be mentioned for the early eighty's an quantity much greater so; NWoBHM, placed up-punk/new wave, synth-pop, and so on...a great form of recent floor became into being broken. in the process the early eighty's disco became into merely there for those finding for it, and that utilized to the 70's besides. Personnally, through the late eighty's i got here across steel, new wave, and punk to be starting to be quite stale and gave the impression to be dealing with a displeasing state of regurgitation (with some exceptions). The onset of the full grunge element did no longer help plenty the two, as i'm very selective whilst it includes that sub-form.

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    I was a teenager in the 80's. I loved Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Madonna etc.

    The music was new wave, lots of synthesiser sounds. Band members had way out hairdos. It was great to dance to as well.

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    everything, there were great images, catchy tunes, ................

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