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Should the name "World Series" be changed to something more appropriate?

Should there be an international playoff series at the end of each season to determine the true world championship team?

I'm not talking about all star teams but the teams that win their respective leagues around the world. Your thoughts.

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    I think so. Simply calling it "World Series" is too vague to me. Besides the fact that it is not even the "world" and it also doesn't even mention baseball in the title. How about "Major League Baseball Championship?

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    How about we keep calling it the world series since that is what it has been called for over 100 years and leave it at that. Around 40% of Major League Baseball players are from a country other than the US, and MLB is where everyone ultimatley is hoping to play, I would say that the best players in the world are in the MLB right now, so calling it the world series seems more appropriate now than ever. Just look at the World Series this year between Colorado and Boston. There are players representing 8 different countries, and through major league baseball, and currently close to 20 countries are represented throughout the league. I do like the idea of an international playoff system, but due to the percevied dominance of MLB teams, I think that the World Baseball Classic is the closet your going to come to seeing international competition

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    I doubt they would change the name just so they can be "politically correct." The name is an institution now. Perhaps one day, an expansion into the rest of the world will happen. Europe has already expressed interest in joining the MLB some year, the Asian countries have teams, so it's possible.

    If it happens and baseball goes global, another question will arise as to the "correctness" of the term if, say, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland or Russia don't have teams or participate. How could it be a "World" series if any country is not in it? Maybe they'll start terming it "Global Series" or "Earth Series" or "Multi-Continent Series".

    The term was derived from the days before cellphones, computers, international calls, airplanes, etc... That was when the U.S., for all intents and purposes, was considered "The World" for its citizens.

    I wonder, how many teams and how many series would be played if it went global? 9 months of flying around, 3 months of playoffs?

    It's just a name with a lot of tradition behind it.

    Source(s): My source is me, whether right or wrong, or perceived that way. It's an opinion.
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    How about we change it to "Masters of the Universe Baseball Championship"?

    When it was originally named the World Series, we were the only country playing the game, so it was safe to assume the team that won was the best professional team in the world.

    Also, teams around the world can't compete with MLB. They might win a world championship, but those are all-star teams. Teams in the Japanese, Mexican, etc. leagues aren't on the same level as say the Red Sox, Yankees, or any of the other teams that have won the World Series.


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    It should be changed to US Series or National Championship or anything that does not involve the word "World".

    las time I checked, in a world cup or a world series or a world championship, teams from other countries are involved. it is true for all the sports events outside the US. In the US, we had some strange people in the past who were responsible for this stupidity. How can a subway series, for example, played between the 2 teams from the SAME CITY, can be called a "world" series? same thing for NBA

    m-demarc... the best team in the world would be beaten by our team? Then How do you explain the US not winning the World baseball classic? Last WBC was won by JAPAN. You could called THAT a World Series.

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    Uh, it's more appropriate than ever. Canadian team, Mexico likely to get one in an expansion, world classic thingy is in preparation for an International league. There are players from about 20 different countries and 5 different continents that I know of. Should it become 'Universal Series'?

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    Yes to the first part of your question...No to an actual international playoff...Its clear that baseball in America beats baseball in say, Japan overall...The name itself, "World Series" should be changed to something more practical, due to the fact that it isn't international baseball, as "World Series" implies...Something such as the MLB Championship would be better...

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    There are players from all over the world on pretty much every team, so I think "World Series" fits just fine.

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    To what? Intercontinental series?

    You are only thinking in terms of location, pal.

    People from all over the planet play in MLB, it's the only baseball leauge that plays on this level involving as many different people (from a global perspective) from around the world.

    Besides the Olympics, which only happens every 4 years, what other baseball entity could possibly host a WORLD SERIES? And where would you hold it?

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    No, I don't think there should be an international playoff series.........I'm not so sure if there were one that Japan wouldn't wind up World Champs...........Aside from that I agree that it might be better to change World Series to something more appropriate because it does belong to the U.S.A.............I can't think of a good name but I WILL try to...........CAT

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