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Basically, the requirements for woman to be police officers are about as half as stringent as the requirements for men to be police officers. Why, b/c men are inherently more qualified to be police officers. Are some women qualified--yes. Are some more qualified than me--Yes. But are the most qualified woman as qualified as the top men--NO.

Yet, why can't society accept this? Why are they making it easier for woman?

To me, these double standards are symptomatic of society. People want to believe they can do anything. That is a false premise. You know what, I encourage my daughter to play sports, including boxing, but if she told me her dream was to fight for the championship of the world in the men's division then I would tell her that is not possible. Why, because it is biolgoically proven.

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    You told us you were a policeperson. Then you worked for the Cook country DA then you were in the army. I think you need to stop with the make believe if you want to have an honest answer to your question.

    Women are quite capable of working in any of those jobs. What happened did a woman get into police service over you? You have obsessed this topic to death over the past year.

    Oh my. Ok first time you post here you are an assistant DA. The next time you are a police man from Boston now you are in Iraq. You do get around but your questions are highly suspicious and merely meant to inflame. I doubt there is any validity to anything you actually post.




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    It would be interesting to know if a women is hired (assuming she does not meet the requirements for the male officers), if she is still doing the same work as the men. Not all police officers are out in their patrol cars chasing down criminals. Some are detectives, some do the administrative aspect. However, if she is being placed along side of the men, doing the same work, yet the men get paid the same and are being held to a different standard, well then that is not fair.

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    On average women are not as capable as men of performing the job of a police officer.

    If you were to pit a typical female in hand to hand combat against a man in the vast majority of cases the man would win.

    If that is the case the female police officers are more likely to be protected BY members of the general public than be capable of protecting THEM.

    That is exactly what has happened on many occassions.

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    Even though some women are not as strong as some men, women are still a necessity on any police force.

    Because of the large variation in the situations that police find themselves in, it is to the benefit of the police force and the community to have female officers. Females deal with certain situations better than males, and they can be much more understanding. Since the community that the police deal with on a daily basis is comprised of both males and females, the force that polices them needs to be too.

    And, if having different standards is what is required to make this happen, then a double standard is necessary.

    Society is constantly evolving, and sometimes it is necessary to make the rules more flexible in order for that to happen.

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    It's basically false empowerment to appease feminists.

    We live in a time when we are supposed to believe that "equality" has to mean parity in all areas.

    This thinking is moronic and dangerous & casts aside natural talent & ability in favor of "feelgood" measures and social engineering.

    People are so concerned with appearing to be non-sexist, that they stumble over the little things like obvious biological differences & common sense.

    Equal opportunity? Sure... no problem.

    Forced equal outcome? No thanks... The real world doesn't work like that.

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    There is nobody to police the police, thats the root of all these G & WS problems.

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    They have to lower the standard for women, just so there can be more women in the male dominating filed. Sad but true.

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    this is why those little women campus cops tasers the hell out of that kid that asked the embarrasing question to John Kerry. If they were real cops--big guys--they would have easily subdued him and taken him out of the hall....instead, the little women cops' only way to handle people bigger is to shock the sh*t out of them before they can do anything.

    Not everyone can do everything, and not everyone is equal.

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    Please post the URL. I'd like to see this for myself. Thank you.

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