Adult Attention Deficit Disorder?

Is there any information about 'adult attention deficit disorder'? I'm a candidate for one of those new drugs they have out on the market for it, but I refuse to take those kinds of chemicals which just cut some symptoms, but have side effects which on the long run make it even worse...

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    This is a test to see if you might have Adult ADHD with or without hyperactivity.

    This is the test that my daughter the child psychologist would most likely give you if she was accessing you for ADHD.

    I have ADHD without the hyperactivity and have taken some of the drugs used for it. The drugs do have unpleasant side effects and some have long term consequences. There are some that have been taken off the market in the US and some in Canada due to liver complications, heart complications, and fatalities. It is hard to know what this new drugs side effects are if you have not stated what it is but I can tell you that stimulants speed up everything in your body such as your heart rate and the aging process.

    There are many lifestyle changes that you can make to control the symptoms of ADHD such as getting enough sleep, avoiding processed foods, additives, preservatives, food colors, sugars, caffeine, and too much fat. Making charts and schedules so that you are on a better routine, organizing your life home, office, and auto. If you have a severely disorganized home, office, and auto then you should possibly seek help from someone who is organized as the chaos of the disarray only makes things worse. Color coding things such as files can often help.

    One of the main reasons I do not like the drugs is that I lose my freedom of thought and creativity when on them so when they wear off my mind is busily trying to put 24 hours worth of my own thoughts into a few hours that are left in the day.

    I would suggest getting books on organization, natural healing, and Adult ADHD. There are books at your local library and in most book stores covering the subject of ADHD.

    Some sites with online tools for Adult ADHD:

    Organizing sites:

    Support groups and many other resources:

    Start with these.

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  • I have also been trying to find info on adult ADHD. I am 24, and getting tested for it in a couple weeks, even though it's never been brought up throughout my whole life. I will have my bachelors in psychology in a couple weeks, and from what I've learned it has to manifest before about age 7, but I think there are exceptions, I just can't seem to find much info out there for adult ADHD.

    I would definitely check with your psychiatrist and see what they have to say. I took a test over the summer for ADHD but it was the test that they give kids and I completely bombed it, so like the other person said, I'm sure there is an adult test, so I would find out about taking it =)

    Source(s): A Psychology Major, Possibly having adult ADHD myself
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  • Better you don't take any of those drugs, I don't think this will really help, it is just suppressing the problem and then it might show up on another level where you need more chemicals, going into a spiral of suffering.

    I didn't know that they put a name on this kind of problem. But I know what it is: I have suffered all my life from it.

    I was mostly left alone even as a little baby, because my mother was working all day, I also was growing up without father, being alone nearly all the time or sometimes I had malicious baby sitters... I have been alone nearly all my life. And now?

    Adult attention deficit disorder: The last days I felt pretty bad, the place is full of people, nobody ask me if I need something. My shoulders are hurting and I hardly can lift something, nobody ask me to carry some boxes of fire wood for me, etc. etc. Today somebody called me when they came back from the daily trip and told me that they brought a lot of clothing. So I went there and all the people had already selected armful of stuff for themselves, there were some woolen hand knitted socks left, three pairs and a lot of woolen very beautiful gloves. I said that I don't want anything else but that I will take the socks, because I have only one pair of thick woolen socks which I am wearing since two months. Then I was told that I can only have one pair, because the other people also are wanting them.

    I through them back and left and I didn't feel that I wanted to go to have dinner with these people. Now I sit here with cold feet because my fire is out and it is really cold.

    I am thinking about dropping the whole community intention. Probably this all is part of my 'attention deficit disorder'.

    I am working since thirty years on this project, twenty years pretty alone, or just with paid workers, often I was working fifteen hours a day, sweating, suffering, without vacation for years, without diversion or entertainment. Then nearly being killed, being robbed and betrayed several times, etc.

    Suffering since several years from Fibromyalgia as a result of years long stress and hard work and accidents caused by other people and then I am being told that I only can have one pair of socks!!! I am getting older, I have no health insurance, no social security, no savings... I don't care, I can live under a bridge, I can survive in any situation, but feel alone and I don't see that this will change. This sounds sad, but I have no depressions, but I am questioning the situation and my doing and ask myself if I want to live in a group of people but still feeling and being alone, then I better live alone... So far my deficit disorder...

    So what I am expressing here comes out of my 'Adult attention deficit disorder' what means that it is subjective and colored because of this deficit, but that's how it feels to me and so this is real to me. Of course from outside it looks different and other people will see it differently. They just call me crazy, putting me in a box and that's it. Who really sees me? People are interested in themselves and only in others if they receive confirmation from them.

    I don't want to depend with my well-being on others and observing myself I can see that indeed I do not depend anymore: I feel well and quite happy with what I am and where I'm at this moment. Still some nasty people can disturb this, but not too much, at least they can't provoke me anymore that I react, because I know that they will only use my reaction for their own purpose.

    So then let's see if we can find a creative solution... So that you can stop drinking or whatever you do to overcome your depressive feelings and I can stop feeling alone! By the way: I ask myself: Who doesn't have this 'Adult attention deficit disorder'? When I look around then it seems to me that there are very few people without it.

    If the intention of my writing would be that I get some attention to compensate my 'deficit disorder', then I must be very disappointed, because there are in general hardly comments to my writings. I'm wrong: There was once a comment, telling me that I am negative and judging people. - I was always pretty convinced that life is not just a joke, but indeed sometimes I just feel like a joker, - maybe that's my way to survive in this not so funny daily reality...

    By the way: I feel that I'm healed from my AADD.

    Source(s): Experience, observation, self knowledge, meditation, relating to life.
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  • Betsy
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    Everyone has a mental disorder, just that most people are not aware that they have it. What I mean is that everyone is 'talking to themselves' inside their heads, it is the way that the personality reflects. When one has a mental disorder, then this can be a great opportunity to find out about personality and the truth behind it. Without annoying symptoms the problems stays hidden. When we talk to ourselves too much in our heads, then we start to get sucked by the emotion generated from our talking. This creates a loop of energy of the thought/emotional reaction of personality and essentially swallows the person, one's awareness gets so reduced the stronger the reaction, then there come the extreme mood swings and behaviors. What the drugs do is chemically calm the nervous system and then this cycle gets broken, allowing the person to temporarily look out with some awareness and seem more normal.

    The problem with all mental disorder conditions, is that it's very hard to escape from the reaction because it's so energetically strong, it is the same thing that happens with alcoholics or drug addicts. A large amount of counter-active energy is needed to break one out of it, but the good news is that one only has to 'shut up' or get totally quiet for a little bit and a revelation can come in changing the situation in an instant.

    So the question might be, how to get this strong amount of energy? In these cases meditation might not do it, because one is so sucked by the energized reaction, that one can't get quiet for a long enough period. This strong amount of energy is present inside of yourself, so you have it, you only need to 'get out of the way' to allow this energy to work it's miracles. This happens with people when they reach their darkest bottom, then not knowing what else to do, they drop down onto their knees crying, praying, calling out to GOD to give them the answer. If the intensity to hear is strong enough, then one will get very very quiet, and the answer will be received.

    There is another way and I look into it more to find out a way to induce a state of quiet into another person with an energetic treatment. There is a genuis energy worker named Dr. Fritz Frederick Smith of Zero Balancing, and in one of his books he states there are 3 ways to induce a 'working state' or state similar to R.E.M. in another person. Coming across these, indeed I knew they worked, because I had intuitively arrived to the same conclusions in my self-reiki treatments. Also interesting for me is that the treatment I intuitively arrived at uses all 3 ways all at once. I give the link below in the source for this treatment. Also to note that this can be used either to treat oneself or to treat others and I have yet to put in this article why and how it works, I will do that eventually.

    If one can accept that awareness is a growing process and that it results because changes are made to the neuro-muscular system while in the 'working' (non-talking) state, then one might realize that 'higher energy' can be used to make the changes, making the person slowly stronger. If someone with a clear signal gives treatments to the other this is a big advantage for the other, also when treating the energies of the two people combine and are greater than either of them alone, thus resulting in that both benefit from a treatment.

    Later I will write the article about the 3 ways to induce a working state giving reiki treatment and how to detect when it is happening by observing 'the client'. for now this is all I can tell you.


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    I easily have it to boot. it relatively is life long and not curable. yet you are able to learn how to stay with as i'm constructive which you have. I ought to artwork puzzling to pay interest on what I study or what people are announcing to me without my strategies drifting. it relatively is complicated at cases, yet I comprehend that it relatively is purely a factor of who i'm and that it's going to in no way replace. I wish you each and every of the superb on your endeavors!

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    There is a test you can take called the CAARS. I am actually doing a report on it. Talk to your psychiatrist about it.

    Source(s): Me
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