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Taipei housing market confidence dropped to its lowest in almost four years because of rising prices

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

By George Hsu, Bloomberg

Taipei housing market confidence dropped to its lowest in almost four years because of rising prices, a Taiwan government-sponsored survey showed.

The housing confidence index for Taiwan's capital fell to 97.55 in the second quarter, slipping below 100 for the first time since the third quarter of 2003, the Institute for Physical Planning & Information wrote in a report. A score lower than 100 mean most respondents view conditions as poor.

Residential property in Taipei cost an average NT$316,000 per ping in the second quarter, an increase of NT$54,000 per ping from a year earlier, the report said. Each ping equals 3.3 square meters.

People paid an average NT$9 million for a home in Taipei in the second quarter, down from NT$9.3 million a year earlier, according to the report posted on the institute Web site. The survey polled 1,233 people who had already bought a house, 895 people who were looking to buy, and 744 people looking to rent.

Taiwan's Council for Economic Planning and Development, which sponsored the survey, decided to cancel its press briefing on the release because it indicated a slowdown in the island's property market, the Economic Daily News reported yesterday.

Taiwan's central bank on Sept. 20 raised its discount rate on 10-day loans by an eight of a percentage point to 3.25 percent, compared with the 4.75 percent benchmark interest rate in the U.S. That resulted in an exodus of money as individuals and companies invest in higher yielding assets abroad.

Taiwan residents invested a net US$17.2 billion in overseas securities in the second quarter, the biggest quarterly net outflow on record, the island's central bank said in August.


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    Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    By George Hsu, Bloomberg

    台北房屋市場信心指數因為高升的房價滑落到幾乎是四年來的最低, 一項台灣政府發起的調查指出.

    台灣首都的房屋市場信心指數在第二季當到97.55, 從2003年第三季以來第一次下滑到100以下, 都市計劃局單位寫下這份報告. 低於100的評分意即大部份的回應者對現狀看壞.

    這份報告指出, 台北住宅區的房價在第二季平均一坪約新台幣31萬六千元; 比起去年每坪上漲新台幣五萬四千元.

    根據這份報告在他們單位的網站報導指出台北居民在第二季平均要付出新台幣900萬來買一個房子, 比去年的930萬低一點.

    經濟日報昨天報導說, 台灣的經濟計畫和發展委員會, 負責做這份調查, 由於這份報告指出本島房地產的衰退而決定取消經由記者會發佈這份報告.

    台灣的中央銀行在9月20日提高其10天短期貸款折扣率0.08%到3.25%, 和美國4.75的基準匯率比較, 這個結果會由於個人或投信公司在國外房地產投資會有較高的利潤而導致大量資金外移.

    本島的中央銀行在八月份報導說, 在第二季台灣居民投資總額高達美金172億在海外基金, 是歷來單季最高量.

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