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does anyone what happened to custom hrt?

I have not seen this website since June, any information would be highly appreciated.

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    1 decade ago
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    Out of business like all other trusted online phen sites. Phentermine is highly regulated these days. It's next to impossible to get it, even over the internet, without a prescription. And even if

    you do find a site, it's probably not a reputable one. Scammers are starting to post links even here on yahoo answers.

    The only way is to get it from a doctor.

    None of the people I know who once ordered phen online still do it. The good online pharmacies have stopped selling it, and just scammers are

    left who gladly take an advantage of this situation. If you will find a real and reliable source where you can still order the real stuff

    online then you will be very, very lucky. Just keep fingers crossed the pharmacy will be in business until your order arrives, because it

    can get closed any moment..

    I stopped using phen 8 months ago and

    started to take acomplia after I quit phen. It also works fine for me and I am losing a pound or a few every week.

    It is very popular in UK, Germany and many other countries worldwide. Not so much in the US yet.

    This is good site for Acomplia info you anyone's interested



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  • 1 decade ago

    Seems it's closed. Now I use Canadian online pharmacy instead..

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