racism and award shows?

I have a question. I am a white american, and I am NOT RACIST by any means, but I am just curious. They have the BET awards for african americans, latino awards for hispanics and latinos, and any race goes at the academy awards, emmy's and so on. But wouldn't we be called racist if we had the white / caucasion television and movie awards?

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    1 decade ago
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    We'll all be nappy-headed hos soon enough here in the United States of Afro-America.

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    I understand you. For example, there is the American ***** College Fund. But If there were an American Caucasion College Fund, people would go nuclear over it.

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    There are ALREADY white award shows! They aren't called such, but because the awards are to mostly white recipients, it forces others to create their own. That's why minorities have their own show because of the frustration of not seeing their likes receiving awards.

    Yes, you would be called racist to have a "white" show because it's not even necessary to do so, and it would just be a slap in the face to minorities.

    It's unfair, but true.

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    Here's a reason, back in 1936 when Hattie McDaniel won Best Supporting Actress for Gone With The Wind (she played Mammie), she was not allowed to attend the ceremony because she was a black person.

    SO.......its white people's fault in the first place. Get over it.

    Source(s): You'll never guess what race I am...however, I have an education and common damn sense.
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    oh God! here we go again......why don't u just look back at all the other 85498547575 times someone has asked this question......

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