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Which guild wars game is best for pvp?

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    Factions has some PvP options that the others don't like Alliance Battles and the Fort Aspenwood outpost.

    However if you are serious about getting into PvP you'll need to purchase all 4 games. Some of the builds your team will ask you to run will require skills from all the games.

    I'd recommend buying 1 campaign and trying it out for awhile. If you find that you really enjoy the game, then get all the campaigns.

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    In order, from most to least, of the most PVP options:

    1. Factions

    2. Nightfall

    3. Eyes of the North (requires one other game!)

    4. Prophecies

    Of course the more games you have, the more options you have. But I'd just start with one and expand from there. Factions is largely considered the best for PvP though.

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