in the REAL world the USA would lose jobs if the undocumented were not here , ... keep reading?

so would that make the undocumented positive or negative for the economy ???

second question :

what should America do to ensure than the undocumented are not deported so that therefor we do not end up losing jobs instead of attracting more jobs ???

source :

source: Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

This tightening would induce increases in wages, as indicated by a rise in average annual compensation rate. Wage rates would rise by 0.6 percent in the first year and stay above the forecast rate throughout the entire 20-year period.

While pay increases can be viewed as a positive social and economic development, when they rise due to labor shortages they affect economic competitiveness. In this case, it would be expressed as a modest decline in the value of Texas’ exports.


The remaining broad economic measures all point to an initial impact of undocumented immigrants of about 2.5 percent in terms of the value of production and wages in the Texas economy. Eliminating 1.4 million immigrants would have resulted in a 2.3 percent decline in employment, a 2.6 percent decline in personal income and a 2.8 percent decline in disposable personal income in 2005. This change also would generate a 2.1 percent decline in the gross state product (GSP), the broadest measure of the value of all goods and services produced in Texas.

Update 2:

y answers to THE question would be appreciated , thank u . i am talknig business people . B U S I N E S S <<< thats what im talking about , i hope ALL get ti now , thanks again .

Update 3:

i have read reports from RAND and i remember one in which specifically they say the undocumented are not costly when it comes to heath care which is one of the things they get blamed for usually from anti-immigrant groups .

Update 4:

by the way the state of Texas i do nto get why woudl the state of Texas be bias on this ... and if anyone suggest that pro-immigrants group are powerful in it then it is obvious than deporting the undocumented will not happen , so that would leave us with plan A .

B (deporting ) *

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    It has always been my opinion, That the anti (s) have never shown any "creditable" documentation that documents their positions on undocumented immigrants, That they are paying for them to be in America And their rant of the increased crime rate.some nut only focused on one phase Pew Hispanic Center. This (Special Report) was written by Susan Combs "Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts" State of Texas.

    . It blows out of the water the anti position that the Undocumented cost the state of Texas "billions" of dollars in their tax money.

    Today on CNN it was reported that the United States borrowed money from Mexico and 4 other country (s) to fund the war in Iraq.

    That made me laugh!!


    Those in favor of the Dream act ,make sure to call all you representatives and let them know you support the Act.


    Why did you not post the data (creditable Sources) That you cited, the data supplied here is from the State of Texas. If you have such data post it.

    Your comments about Super chee ... that seems so funny coming from you, I have been the target of your slime, because I do not open my e-mail to trolls. I am man enough to say what I mean in this open forum.And I am not looking for any anti pen pals.

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    First and foremost: I do not think that USA is losing jobs to Asian countries. The low level jobs are being routed to the Asian countries and the companies in USA are saving lots of money ( few earn more money, too). And in return, all the top end work is being taken to USA from these countries. In several cases, the citizens of USA are shifting bases to the Asian countries and earning money in top positions. Personally, one can't do much about this anyway. But I do feel very bad that asian countries are being paid peanuts while throwing low level work at them and the USA in return is getting hold of work which pays more than what it is paying out. Just have a look at software space , animation industry, specialised banking ( like M & A) etc to feel this.

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    Your data is not correct and comes from a public source with an interest in promoting the illegal agenda.

    Illegals are a drain on the economy and the US taxpayer even the liberal Rand Institute reports they offer no further benefit and consume more benefits than they supply.

    Wages for low skilled jobs will continue with or without illegals to lose ground to high skilled labor. Menial manufacturing has already fled overseas and will never return. Your argument is the same as that used by textile workers and their unions 40 years ago.

    Sorry but you are just dead wrong. The US will do better when we flush out the dead weight of all these horrible illegals.

    BTW: Super Chee seems to be instigating friction in these forums. Short responses and negative comments about Americans...

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    Lame argument that pretty much says "if you can't beat 'em, join em?" I don't know how to get a handle on the problem but I am pretty sure that sugar coating it and or giving up/in won't help.

    Let them pay tax, same as you n me if they're staying. If they want all the benefits of being American, well, they have to pay their own way like the rest of us. There's twelve million of them. You think we're better off with them hiding in the background just so they can be a dishwasher? Or would it be better for us, the economy, their kids, their incomes, if they become legal residents and earn wages out from under that table?

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    negative a glut of workers benefits employers. with another amnesty we will just get more illegals and if you thought that your money bought so very little then let the 3rd wave of illegals come here looking for another amnesty. Time to stop this is now as here's what's up. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has invoked Rule 14 on the new stand-alone DREAM Act amnesty! That means he is setting up Senate procedure to spring the amnesty at any time without hearings or committee action. For the Majority Leader to invoke Rule 14 means that he can bring a bill to a floor without it going through the debate and markup of a committee. They are trying to sneak it through without any debate. They're hoping we won't notice or we're too tired to keep fighting them. If you oppose amnesty now's the time to let your legislators know. I say do it no later then Tuesday (10/23). You do not actually talk to the Senators but they do count the calls. QUOTE FROM Immigration Daily "Here's why everyone who wants immigration benefits, of whatever kind, should care about DREAM. If DREAM succeeds on the Senate floor, there is a whole slew of benefit bills lined up right behind it - SKIL, AgJOBS, you name it. We believe that once the benefits dam breaks in Congress, a flood of benefits will follow. Our best read of the House at this time is that the House Democratic leadership will permit a vote on any immigration benefits to come from the Senate, and we believe that there are plenty of votes on the House floor for targeted benefits like DREAM, SKIL and AgJOBS, etc. That is why DREAM is worth pushing for, even apart from its intrinsic merit, since a veritable cornucopia of benefits may well result in the wake of its success". This is Senators Reid, Durbin, Hagel and Luger's brilliant idea call, fax, and email them and your own senators. ***Edit last day to express yourself Tuesday 10/23 before the Wednesday vote.

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    I thought Yahoo!Answers was a question and answer venue, not a rant-about-anything-that-trips-your-trigger forum. Except for the question mark that's put in automatically by the software, I'll be darned if I can find anything that even remotely resembles a question.

    Anytime I need a good laugh I just drop in to POLITICS & GOVERNMENT and surf until I find some assinine rant like this one.

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    We may not cease to exist but quite a few dainty Americans might have to get off their arses and get their hands dirty.. the only thing they worship is The World Net Daily.. anything else is a lie to them... pathetic

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    The "Pew Hispanic Center"?



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    here is what i have to say to that.

    what are your stats for illegals using the social security numbers of legal citizens and putting those people to ruin???

    ship them home if they are not here legally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we got along without them before they came and we will get along much better when they are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mark Twain said there are, lies, damn lies, and statistics, need I say more

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