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medieval guilds?

what was the job of medieval guild apprentices?


medieval guilds were people who oversaw shops and stores kinda like merchants

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    Members of the craft guilds were divided into Master, Journeyman, and Apprentice. The master was a very accomplished craftsman who took on apprentices. Usually, these were boys in their teens who were provided food, clothing, shelter, and an education by the master, in return for working for them for free as an apprentice, often for a fixed term of service from about five to nine years. After this, an apprentice became a journeyman, who was allowed to work for one or another master and was paid with wages for his labour. Once a journeyman could provide proof of his technical and artistic skills, by showing his "masterpiece", he might rise in the guild and become a master. He could then set up his own workshop, and hire and train apprentices. However, to become a master was difficult, as masters in any particular craft guild tended to be a select inner circle, who possessed not only technical competence, but also proof of their wealth and social position. It is difficult to overstate the importance of these guilds in trade and commerce prior to the industrial revolution.


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    The guild members were skilled in some trade: carpentry, pottery, metalworking, etc. These artisans were the middle class of their time. A person would seek to join a guild by becoming an apprentice for years, learning the skills of the trade studying under an older Master. In time the apprentice would do a work task that summoned all his skills and would be declared a member of the guild. Sort of like a doctoral thesis. These guilds were the basis of what became modern trade unions.

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    Huh??? What Medieval Guild?

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