Thumb sucking?

How do I get my 2yr old daughter to stop sucking her thumb?

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    --Praise children for not sucking, instead of scolding them when they are.

    --Children often suck their thumbs when feeling insecure or needing comfort. Focus on correcting the cause of the anxiety and provide comfort to your child.

    --For an older child, involve him or her in choosing the method of stopping.

    --Your dentist can offer encouragement to a child and explain what could happen to their teeth if they do not stop sucking.

    --If the above tips don’t work, remind the child of their habit by bandaging the thumb or putting a sock on the hand at night.


    *The most common time for sucking is when children are tired, bored, or in need of comfort. Often these children fall asleep more easily, are able to put themselves back to sleep at night more easily, and sleep through the night much earlier than their peers who do not suck their thumbs. *

    --You want to create an environment where she chooses to stop on her own. You can weaken the thumb-sucking habit by distracting her when you notice her thumb in her mouth. Engage her in a way that she uses both hands.

    --Painting something that tastes yucky on the thumbs can make sucking them less satisfying. Commercial products are available for this purpose. Other parents have had success with pickle juice or a drop of vinegar. You might have to switch flavors periodically because people can develop a taste for almost anything

    --Comments from other people can be helpful. Her pediatrician and dentist can be important allies, helping her to feel that she wants to stop because she is growing up!

    --Having children she respects (and who don’t suck their thumbs) over for sleepovers can also help. If they comment on her thumb sucking, it can be a powerful motivation. If she doesn’t suck during the sleepover, it further weakens the habit.


    --Start with the easy stuff, then move on. First, you might suggest that the child stop thumb sucking while in public, or some other time when he or she is most likely to comply. Then you can move on to the times when the habit is most ingrained, such as bedtime. You may want to double rewards if the child doesn't suck his or her thumb during the more challenging times.

    --Use a reward system. Pediatricians sometimes recommend a game-playing, reward-based system for helping kids stop sucking their thumbs. Try buying a calendar and placing it on the refrigerator. For each day you don't see the child sucking his or her thumb, you can put a smiley-face sticker on the day. At the end of a set period of time, say a month, you can offer a modest reward, such as a toy or dinner at the child's favorite restaurant.

    --Try ordeal therapy. How about trying a little reverse psychology? Point out to a thumb-sucking child that he or she isn't being fair to the other fingers -- so why not suck them, too? Give the child a timer and explain that it's important to suck all fingers for the same duration. Often, the child will grow so tired of the process that they quit thumb sucking altogether. The only problem with this type of approach is that kids are likely to see through it when it comes from a parent (they know the parent really wants them to stop altogether). If you suspect that this will be the case, a pediatrician or close friend of the family may be able to help.

    --Offer the child the option of thumb sucking in private. Consider your efforts a success if the child quits thumb sucking in front of you or in public. Don't worry, the relatively brief time a child can spend sucking on a thumb in private won't be long enough to cause other problems.

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    Dont. From what I hear and from my boss who is a nurse, pulling the thumb out of her mouth now could cause her to keep sucking longer or take up another habit

    My daughter is 3 and its something I did worry about but they say its dosent hurt the teeth untill they are 4 or 5 and they will probabley stop on there own.

    I cant imagion putting tabasco sauce on her thumb, shes way to sweet for that.

    You sould look this up on the internet, you will find lots of helpfull information.

  • be glad its thumb sucking.i got a 4 yr old who's in preschool who still sucks the binkie.your little one is just 2 she will grow out of it,unless shes as obessessed as my daughter is about her binkie.try giving her a sippy cup when you see her sucking her thumb to get her mind off of sucking her thumb.or have her go outside and play or to the park(thats the only times my daughter will forget about her binkie beisdes being in preschool).If you get her off of thumb sucking let me know cause i have tried everything to get my daughter off of binkie.

    Source(s): being a mother of a 4 yr old
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    don't worry so do that. most of them stop on their own.

    it's a security thing for makes them feel safe.

    good luck.

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    Good luck, mine sucked her thumb till she was in middle, quit panicking..........

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    make her suck something else :3

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    give her a noony.

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