Sexy halloween costume for 13 year year old girl?

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alright, i need a sexy but not too sexy costume for halloween, not too sexy to where i cant leave the house though cause that gets me nowhere ha. i need something along the lines of more
Update : sorry guys i know i sound like a slut but i swear im not soo let me more
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  • XoXo answered 7 years ago
so many people telling u that u shouldnt be thinking about "sexy"
well its okay
what they dont understand is that when we say sexy, we mean something along the lines of a cute shirt and a short skirt or shorts. something like that

Here's my idea...
be a "sexy" boxer

dont search online because the costumes for that are way SKANKY.

you can wear..
short shorts
white or any cute colored short sleeved plain t shirt
knee high socks
white tennis shoes
if you can find one... a robe thats sort of satiny material or something.

Anyway... hope i helped
and for everyone else...
we dont mean like booty shorts and a shirt that shows more than half our stomach when we say "sexy"

im 13 too

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THANKYOU! gosh ha you understand! haha yaay well i like the boxer idea so yeah thanks!<3
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  • Kara B answered 7 years ago
    well don't dress too sexy maybe a cute fairy. Like get a cute dress a short one along the lines of something a highschooler would wear to homecoming then add wings, a tiara, and cute shoes. Or a pirate they have sexy pirate ones all over the place.
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  • perfect angel answered 7 years ago
    i completley understand what you mean. You can be Tinkerbell or Pebbles (the teen version) from the Flinstones. I'm Pebbles and my costumes SOO cute!
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  • SnaX answered 7 years ago
    I would've hated the above answers at 13 (when I started dating)

    I'd say little red riding hood or snow white

    hot, cute, sexy, not skanky or cheap looking
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  • ..Maddie^-^... answered 7 years ago
    well if i were you id get a cute anime school outfit^_^

    if you like the idea ill e-mail you some links


    15yrs old
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  • 100% Italianಌ answered 7 years ago
    So you want to dress like a for halloween? How original.
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  • Bree answered 7 years ago
    go to

    they have a really cute teen section.
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  • N and A's Momma answered 7 years ago
    You're 13. You don't need to worry, or even think, about being "sexy". Teenage girls need to get that word out of their vocabulary.
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  • alexis answered 7 years ago
    okay i know wat u mean im 13 to and had to find a costume that was to sexy but i still wanted cute and kinda sexy .
    this is what im being

    Source(s): my costume im wearing and i love it
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  • Lorie N answered 7 years ago
    Be cute....don't even go for sexy, at your age it's a bad thing.

    Cute costumes....

    punk rocker
    Fairy (someone said this...I know)
    Catholic schoolgirl
    cowgirl (boots, jeans, a checkered top, cowboy hat, hair in braids and some cute freckles across your nose with some brown eyeliner)
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  • xCupcakeMollesterx answered 7 years ago
    you dont need a sexy costume your 13~
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  • Angel C answered 7 years ago
    13 is a but young to be dressing "sexy" Wait untill you're older. You could be something cute instead of sexy. 13 is way to young to be quote on quote "sexy"
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  • lexielu answered 7 years ago there's alot of costumes here. there's a lot of totally just plain SKANKY costumes on here but there is also several really fun and semi-sexy costumes. the pin up cadet one is my faviorite i'm proball gonna get that one. but idk what you like. well hope i helped!
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  • sweetiepie12 answered 7 years ago
    sexy and 13 don't go together...i wouldn't let my daughter wear anything at that age that would make guys think she was sexy...maybe you should surf the net a bit and then talk it over w/ your parents what they think is ok for you to wear also b4 you go buy anything
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  • no one answered 7 years ago
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  • Kanesha J answered 7 years ago
    you're 13. why do you need to be sexy
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  • designedlove answered 7 years ago
    honey, there's really no point in trying to be sexy at 13. you can wear nothing and you still wont look sexy simply bxcause youre too young!!
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  • naps in the sun answered 7 years ago
    you could be on of those viking opera ladies like brünhilda. all you need is a helmet with horns and a long full gold skirt (or any color)...and the sexy part- for a top you wear a bustier or a corsett. you could also be something cutsy/sexy like mini mouse, a bumble bee.....ect. check an adult costume website.... you can google adult halloween costumes to find a bunch.
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  • Ianbon answered 7 years ago
    Poodle skirt girl
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  • Geogia Q answered 7 years ago
    You are 13. It's too young to talk about sexy. You may looks more cute than sexy. My friend Mark met at millionairematch dot com whose girl just looks cute and lovely.
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  • My Hubby Rob&Son Dakota Robert answered 7 years ago
    being that your 13 you don't even need to be thinking of anything sexy


    6months with our first and its a boy due Feb10th 2008
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