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Anyone know why the media hasn't talked about Turkish Terror?

Turkish extremists destroyed and burned Armenian café in Brussels, also burned an American Flag.

Why doesnt the US media cover t his?

Also Turkeys hate for America, Christians(Greeks and Armenians is well documented in the film below

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No one in the US media mentions it.


This is the right link for the clip

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    Why is it Ok to deny the genocide of Christians Armenians and not Ok to deny the Holocaust?

    Turkey is paying off every one.

    Look at CNN they allowed Sadam to murder and they never said a word so they could stay on his good side.

    Now they along witht eh rest of the drive by media take money from Turkey that we US tax payers fund our own countrys being sold out.

    One happened less than 70 years ago and the other less than 100 years ago.

    Now as many will project your hate and lies on me, I say bring it on. It is not OK to deny either. And to give in to Turkey and its threats is to give in to terrorism. These events happened and for those who will defend the act of denial are no deferent than those who deny the fact we can never compromise with evil as we will lose the backing of God and our souls.

    Let me put this in to perspective for my fellow Republicans who are bowing down to Turkey. It is like the saying about the left. When two Lib’s’ walking past and see a man attacking a women they say “he needs help” Or to den this is like saying we can not win the war in Iraq with out the help of Turkey. To deny this is to go back to the days when we would help evil dictators on the basis of the lesser of two evils. Was this right then and is it now? NO. And when we claimed to go after the head of the snake or evil we had better make sure our own house is clean. And today it is not and the Jewish lobby is fighting this very evil act and denying the ties and training ground of the holocaust as Germany was in on this. One more thing about the fear tactics of our leaders, which is the lefts tactics to use fear to control us all. To say we can not win with out Turkey is saying we are weak which is what the left says every day and we need the world to defend us which is a lie.

    Now for those on the left you want to make friends with Syria and Iran but not Turkey and they all Muslims that is will and want us dead and to trust any is pure blindness on our part. We must win the war and never compromise with any of them.

    Now to give some quotes from our past great leaders.

    After WW I former president Theodor Roosevelt berated Woodrow Wilson for his refusal to take action to stop the genocide, “ The Armenian massacre’ “ was the greatest crime of war, and the failure to act against Turkey is to condone it”. The Harvard College Library.

    Today we see this happening all over again by surrendering our just and morals and gives us no right to fight any evil if we turn our head to one and attack another. This is called hypocrisy and to be a part of this evil!

    USA ambassador Henry Morgenthau in a telegram July 16th 1915 “ A campaign of race extermination “ against the Armenians. National Archives, State Department

    Turkey has fought to bury this black page of history and our leaders are dipping their hands in this blood of Christians today. I ask that every Republican and Democrat unite for once in this our history that is being made today. By sharing these facts and looking into them for your self’s. Than call the news media and politicians and tell them to support HR 106.

    We do not want the blood of innocent people on our hands. For the right it is the belief in God and for the left it is your claim that you care.

    Unite today and send a message to congress if they deny this they deny the Holocaust and both are wrong.

    And tell Rush and Glenn beck not to sell out the USA and Gods word. To cave in to Turkey and bury this evil is to dip your hands and soul in the blood of innocent Christians and side with Islam that is to convert us all or enslave and kill us.

    I am a life long Republican and you are a sell out as this is about right and wrong not left and right.

    Jesus did not sell out to the devil in 40 days in the dessert and you are. To deny this is to turn your back on Christians and God. And remember who ever you work for on the hill we the Christian right and the middle will cast our votes for you sell outs for the highest dollar and the Turks are using our tax dollars to pay you and your boss off.

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  • 4 years ago

    Once again, the US finds itself between a rock and a hard place. Turkey has shown a great deal of restraint in not chasing down the Kurds, and cutting them a new rear end. The Kurds, have had a long feud with Turkey over autonomy and it's treatment of the Kurdish people. Who's right and who's wrong is not for me to say. I can see both sides of this one, yet, we sure the hell don't need more conflict in Iraq, so hopefully they can calm down and try to resolve this one, diplomatically. There is a lot of similarity between these two factions, just as there is between India and Pakistan, where once again, the US is stuck in the middle, keeping two allies from killing each other.

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    Forget about media, most of the time they don’t cover the reality and the truth. I am surprised that some people still believe that there is a democracy in US.

    If Turks can force Bush to do anything not pass the HR 106 resolution then we need to be seriously worried about our country’s future.

    And for those who still deny the Armenian genocide here is a document (US Ambassador of Constantinople reporting to Washington) that proves it. You can find many similar reports in the site they are all in the government's archives.

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    You got it right when you said 'Turkish extremists' as most Turks are peace loving people who want nothing to do with terror.

    Meet some, talk to them. Then learn the truth.

    Would you want the world to judge all US citizens to be the same as Paris Hilton or Britney Spears? No? Well, why judge all Turks as the same based on a few extremists.

    As I said, do not rely on the internet, meet some and talk to them. Face to face.

    Source(s): I went to school with a few Turks. And Greeks. And people from other countries as well.
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    Like Pakistan, they are a nominal Muslim ally in the 'War on Terror,' thus, above reproach.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They are currently our allies.

    This Administration will not allow that type of reporting.

    Darn liberal media.

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