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what do these words mean? Dieu Et Mon Droit. They are on the legal coat of arms.?

Also on the coat of arms are the words Mon Soit Qui Maly Pense. Anyone know what it means? I think it is French.

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    dieu et Mon Droit = God and my right.

    Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense = Evil to him who thinks evil.

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    The French phrase Translates as "Evil to him, Who Evil thinks" At the court of one of the French kings a ladies garter fell to her ankle, and all the gentlemen of the court started to grin and leer. Upon this, the King qouted the above phrase. From this incident came The order of the Garter, where men of outstanding Chivalry toward Women and Children were knighted and became a Knight of the Garter, The Order still exists and is given by our Royal Family, although the reasons for becoming a Knight of the Garter now are very liberal. Modern day holders of this order have been, Winston Churchill and Margaret name but a few.

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    Dieu et mon droit.......French for.......God and my right.

    Dieu= God, et= and, mon= my, droit =right.

    "Honi soit qui mal y pense "is old French for "Shamed be he who thinks evil of it."

    honi soit= shamed be he, qui= who, mal= badly, pense = thinks, y = of it.

    Trucky..if you're French you are a semi-literate one..

    Honi..not ony

    soit..not sois

    y..not i

    Would you write..Il i a?, it's il y a.

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    God and my rights !

    The second is: Hony soit qui mal y pense.

    It means ban be who thinks of it badly.

    (from the order of the Garter)

    Source(s): I am French and the imbeciles who gave me thumb down are stupid because they dont even know the right answer.
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    "God and my Right!" which is on the full achievement of arms of Great Britian and "Both Then and Now" which is the motto of the Order of the knights of the Garter

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    Dios y mi derecho.

    About the second one, "maldito sea el que piensa mal"

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    God and my right is correct. The other phrase is normally "Honi… etc. Which means 'evil be to him who evil thinks'.

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    it's not all french..the first part means god is my right...mon soit qui maly pense isnt french...mabey latin or greek...

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    God and my right, referring to the monarch's divine right to govern

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    God on my right

    Evil be to him who evil thinks

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