How did Your previous relationship end?

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    1 decade ago
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    i had been dating this guy on my school's baseball team. we had been dating since spring break. during the school year he was an absolute sweetheart. he'd spend every free moment with me even though he had school, baseball practice and homework. i had surgery on my wrist and he helped me through that as well. but once school got out, things changed. all of a sudden, he didn't have time for me. he'd still text me but it'd only be like 4 or 5 texts a day. towards the end of june i confronted him. i told him i didn't want to be in a relationship where he didn't spend time with me or even seem like he wanted to. any free moment he spent with his friends. i was ok with him hanging with his friends but not when i never got to be with him. he told me he wanted to make things better and work things out. a week later, he once again chose hanging with his friends over being with me. he texted me this and so i texted back that i'd let him go then if he had to be somewhere. he txted no, i'll still txt you. but i texted back "no i'll let you go because you'll just stop textingsoon anyways". he had a tendency to not answer back if i didn't ask him something. and i explained that to him and then told him i was going over to a friends' house anyways. the only thing is the friends were a guy and his sister and my boyfriend didn't like the guy (the guy had a crush on me). so my then-boyfriend took it as i was hooking up with the guy (even though i wasn't. he, his sister and i always spent our summers together. i had spent less time with them thought just to please my boyfriend). later that night he texted me saying, "we need to talk" so the next day i went to his house and he told me he didnt think we should date anymore because he couldn't balance me, his friends, and baseball. i agreed. i was sick of being last on his list of priorities. we haven't really talked since. i do miss him but only because i loved talking to him. things worked out ok though. now i'm dating someone (the guy my then-boyfriend didn't like). i'm so happy with him because we'd been friends so long that it was bound to happen someday. and even though i still miss my last boyfriend, my new one is so much better for me. i actually get to see him :) and he really likes spending time with me as do i with him

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  • 1 decade ago

    do you like...have no life?

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