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Does anyone else feel bothered with FEDERAL LAW ending all analog tv, and thus forcing us to switch to hi def?


This means that by Feb. 17, 2009 ALL ANALOG TV WILL BE GONE! What ever happened to being offered choices? What about people in low-income communities, or us college students, who make due with basic TV; ABC, CBS, NBC, etc, no sort of cable, whatsoever? I think this is wrong, and that the government shouldn't be forcing us to use digital tv. What's next, the radio? Will it be that we no longer get free radio in our cars, when we drive to school/work, but have to pay to subscribe to radio with "hi def radio." People already complain about +100 channles, and there's nothing good on? I doubt that adding all of these extra digital channels will change that.


What bothers me is the choices! As Loop kinda mentions, stuff was set aside. Who exactly will be controlling all of this, now? Will the local, independent talents get a chance to show off their stuff, like they can now on local public broadcast, or will they have to hope and pray they are given a chance, because the big companies now on everything, and decide who gets to be shown, and who doesn't. Oh, and as far as "clearer, better pictures," I find that highly overrated. I've seen these TVs at some friend's houses, and I really don't see such a big difference. The bigger, better, clearer doesn't really matter, if the programming isn't that appealing. All I'm saying is that we should have the option to choose if we want it, or if we don't. Force us to choose only one type of tv, what will be the next "choice we're given?"

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    I am particularly bothered, namely for as you said the poor folk, but what about the elderly who already have a tough enough time.

    sadly if you stand back and look objectivly at the situation, it all seems like corporate/government corruption at work.

    especially considering that AT&T if I recall won the right to use the current spectrum of TV broadcast frequencies for their own services. when that range was originally set aside to be used for cheap wireless broadband.

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    Someone has been giving you bad information. Things are not nearly as bad as you imagine.

    After 2/17/09 analog TVs will work just fine. If you get TV through an antenna (OTA), you will need a converter box that will cost you about $20 (After the government starts its $40 off coupon program on 1/1/2008).

    By hooking up the converter between your antenna and your old TV, you can tune in all the new digital channels, including the HD ones. The picture quality should be about as good as you get with a DVD player.

    Cable and satellite costumers will continue to get analog TV service, the 2/17/09 date only applies to OTA TV broadcasts.

    Satellite TV signals are already digital. The receiver contains a converter so it can send a signal to your old TV that it can understand.

    Cable companies are required to provide analog service until at least 2012, but as a practical matter, why would they toss out paying customers after 2012?

  • Anonymous
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    correct me if I am wrong but noboy is forcing anyone to buy HDTV they are only changing the way the signal is being transmitted from analog to digital all tvs that are made today are capable of recieving both with a cheap digi box that costs only a few pounds or in the a USA a few dollars nobody as to buy a HDTV AT ALL the existing tvs are ok for the job without as to buy a new HDTV

    AND ALSO any person on social benefits of any kind will be given up to £40 to buy the conversion kits

  • mike t
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    same here, doesn't bother me at all. Finally clean up there air of unneeded radio waves. And there are in air HD stations which include ABC, CBS, NBC, etc, they're all there plus you'll find some extras that you dont normally get all free. So stop complaining and get an HD set and HD receiver and enjoy the extra channels which will come in much clearer than ever before HD or not and sound quality much better than before.

    So what is your complaint exactly, cause u will get more for free and better, no need to subscribe to anything just an antenna and an HDTV.

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  • neidig
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    this is merely to get anybody on the comparable form of alerts for television. It value television stations thank you to a lot money to could broadcast in the two analog and HD alerts to handle anybody's categories of television's, and the HD sign is a greater useful technologies besides. this is greater value-effective, and greater environmentally friendly to fabricate, to no longer point out a greater useful, greater sparkling image. Analog sign television's use greater capacity, have a worse image high quality, and function risky and poisonous areas in them. No, the government isn't out to get you, or undercover agent on you. people who say which will believe very almost something you tell them.

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    I thank the government will be getting some kind of kick back from the cable company's that's why they are forces everyone to get HDTV.

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    the feds are going to give out coupons for free converters for your analog tvs.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not bothered here. Would you prefer we keep watching TV using old technology?

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