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Install LED or Neon lights inside of my car?

I was wondering if I should install Blue Neons or Blue LED lights (Ones from autozone) inside of my black 01 saturn SL2

Which ones are brighter, I dont know which ones to get, I want them to look cool, but not be really distracting like someone is shining a mag light in my face....

Plz help! Thanks!

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    LED. When I was a kid and in my 80' Accord I put small rocker switches on my console with LED's. I used them for CB power, driving lights, ability to turn off running lights, and brake lights, shhhhh.

    Just mind you that you most likely will have to hit Radio Shack and get some resistors and put them between the incoming 12v of car down to the LED, they take so little power to light. Guys at Radio Shack can help here.

    Neon's will bug the heck out of you specially at night. Your side vision will be driven crazy. LED's don't' bother you and easily blend in with dash level lights. You could even tag them into the dimmer switch so they go up and down with the dash lights as well if you want "custom look".

    Just don't go over board. My SC2 I had I took the same tinted black plastic you use for license plate covers (flat) and cut out strips to put under the dash over my VIN plate up front cause it reflected so bad in the windshield. As well as slid a piece under the auto shifter lights on the console for a custom look. Then found the same seat material at a local custom shop and wrapped my speaker covers.

    Just remember... KISS... keep it simple stupid.

    Source(s): old guy but still a car guy
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    Really stupid idea. Cool? Not!

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