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Are there any free programs that'll let me take a bunch of jpg images and compile them into a pdf?

i have some comics that i want to put into a pdf file to read on the go on my archos 605 which can read pdfs. however the pictures are jpgs and i don't think i have a program that can compile them into a pdf. i only have acrobat reader which can only read pdfs. but i want to take advantage of the pdf support of the archos and not be stuck with the comics shrunken down automatically. i'd rather scroll around using the touchscreen in pdf format on my archos.

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    adobe acrobat pro maybe ..

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    Solid PDF Creator is a Free program that will allow you to create PDF files from images (or any program you can print from).

    To do mulitple images, open the folder they are stored in. Hold down the CTRL key and select the images you want to print. Right click the selected images and choose PRINT. The photo printing wizard will open if you are using XP. Choose how you want to format you pictures (one per page or multiple per page) and then choose next, choose Solid PDF Creator as your printer and your pdf will be created in the layout you want.

    Laura B

    Customer Service

    Solid Documents, LLC

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    Search jpg to pdf there's a lot of stuff.

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