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What is required to attend an annual shareholder meeting for a company you own stock in?

How many stocks do you need? Is there some sort of threshold you need to make it to, with regards to stock count, do you need to be invited,or can you just show up, how does it work?

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    If you are a stockholder, you should receive a written notice of the annual meeting. Most companies require you to reply if you're going to attend in person. You can also check their website or call their shareholder services number.

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    One share in the company is ample to attend a shareholders meeting.

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    Shareholder meetings are open to the public - it's a public company. Just go to the meeting.

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    I'm pretty sure that you have to own at least 1 share in that company to go to that meeting

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    real she ought to be waiting to vote on the cyber web. She ought to receive something interior the mail telling her a thank you to take action. I as quickly as had some Ford and Chrysler inventory, yet i won't be able to make it as much as Dearborn and Farmington Hills, yet i grew to become into nonetheless waiting to vote on line.

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    i think as long as you are a common share holder you can do so, if you are a preferred share holder you can not participate/vote.

    Common stock, not preferred stock.

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