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Should I inform someone that her husband is cheating on her?

Hey guys,

There is this 28 year old guy I know through an online community. He doesn't know that I know he's married. This guy tried to have cyber sex with me. He's married to a 23 year old lovely woman just for a year and I'm 100% sure he's cheating on her with lots of different women (I'm not just talking about cyber sex!). And all the women he sleeps with thinks he's single. His wife also has a profile on this online community, should I send a message and let her know or stay silent? Normally I'd say that is not my business but seeing he's already cheating her when they are still newlyweds is driving me crazy. If my husband would do something like that, I'd like to know when it's still early.


- I can create a new profile and send her a message anonymously.

- It says single on his "networking" profile. That's how he meet the girls. I'm almost sure he says his wife that he neeeds to set her status as single to have more fans (you know all musicians do the same thing)

- Like I said, I also think it's not my business but on the other hand many women (his wife and the girls he sleeps with) live a lie.

- All she needs to do check his messages and pay attention when she sleeps and he's not. He always have sex after his gigs, and have cyber sex when his wife is asleep.

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    Would you want someone to tell you? I would certainly want to know if my man was cheating on me or doing things that other people would perceive as cheating (and making me look like a fool). I would want some sort of proof, though.

    I agree that creating a new profile and forward some of the info to her so that she can look at it and determine for herself whether or not she believes her man is having an affair. Then I would stay out of it.

    Every girl needs a friend like you!

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    Let's put it this way - if some woman out of nowhere approached you and said 'your husband is cheating - not with me, of course, but with all these other women' - would you believe her?

    Of course not. You'd go "You're just jealous; now get your claws off him, b*tch." Right?

    And if you do not have absolute, 100% solid, cold hard facts you had best shut the hell up and stop butting in. You are assuming TONS of facts not in evidence.

    Who died and left you in charge of other people's lives?

    Butt out! Keep your own nose clean and take care of your man, if you have one. If you don't, then knit a sweater. That should be enough for you in your little online community world.

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    Hey, uh...get a life. YOU ARE A DRAMA QUEEN. If you were a real person who had any genuine concern about the situation, as opposed to this immature hologram of a person you presented to us, you would start by addressing the matter with him. I doubt however that you will listen to a voice of reason, so therefore---You are the JOKE OF THE DAYYYYYY!!!!!

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    She should know but you need proof because he is going to deny it.Next time you talk to him on I.M save the messages and send them to her.She will probably still believe her husband but maybe you can sleep at night knowing you did all you could.Good luck.(if it was the wife cheating would you want to tell her husband?)

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    No NO NO NO NO!!!! If you tell his wife chances are she will not believe you. And even if she does, she will hate you for it. This is the kind of thing that will come out eventually anyways. Let their relationship run its course, and stay out of it because nothing but bad things could come of it.

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    Nope, stay out of it. Most the time she wouldn't believe a stranger anyway. Plus it's hard to know what's real online and what isn't. Sounds like a messy situation that should be avoided.

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    Do you have proof of cheating? Cybering is not the same as the physical part.

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    so far, you have no proof of anything besides trying to have cyber sex with you. that might be something that they allow each other to do in their relationship. not only that, but she probably will not believe you anyway, wait until you actually have evidence and then maybe suggest something to her.

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    a part of me says no, stay away...not your busines. but i would like to teach that bastard a lesson.

    how about if you get a fake profile and some proof and then email the wife. that way she knows and they can't trace it back to you. but make sure you provide her with evidence or else she wont beleive you.

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    Stay out of it.

    What is that cyber-thing anyway? Get a real life!

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