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English - Hebrew translation needed?


Can someone give me the hebrew translation for:

"What's the point of......"

"I am not 12 years old anymore"

Thank you

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    * "Mah hanekudah..."

    "Ani kvar loh ben shtem-esreh"

    *"mah hanekudah" is really just "what's the point"; there is no "of" in Hebrew, but the word after that depends on the noun or verb that comes after that.

    Source(s): I'ma Fluent Hebrew Speaker! (=D
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    "מה הטעם ל..."

    Ma Hata'am Le....

    "אני כבר לא בן 12"

    Ani Kvar Lo Ben Sthemesre

    (assumed you're male)

    Source(s): Native Speaker
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