What can you tell me about the Society of Jesus (or Jesuits?)?

Either good or bad. History, opinion or fact.


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    Check this out. http://www.jesuit.org/

    The Jesuits are an order of Catholic priests who focus on education and scholarship. They were founded in Spain in 1540. Many large Catholic universities in the US are Jesuit institutions, including Georgetown, Marquette and University of San Fransisco.

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    Full Facts here;


    Also if you can get a copy try the book; Jesuits by Malachi Martin an ex-jesuit,he paints a very disturbing picture of the modern day society of Jesus.

  • Chris
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    Murderous cult that has killed millions. Stay away from them, they will lie and do any kind of unthinkable evil to get people to worship the "pope", who isn't in the bible.

    Catholics are not saved and are not Christians. Catholics teach a false gospel of works that leads to eternal hell.

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