Who are the Kurds and what is the problem with Turkey?

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    The Kurds are one of the oldest cultures. From prehistoric times they inhabited their mountain ranges in the Taurus and Zagros areas. This was always called Kurdistan -Land of the Kurds. These fair-skinned people speak an Iranian language and have been reknowned for being fiercely independent . They became Muslims in the 7th century but even their brand of Islam is different. For instance, their women have traditionally enjoyed much more freedom than those of other Muslim countries.

    After WW I , Kurdistan was supposed to have been granted a political identity within its natural borders by the Treaty of Sèvres, However,the Kurds were well and truly shafted. Turkey,Iran,Iraq,Syria and even parts of what later became Soviet Armenia split up Kurdistan among themselves. Kurds became minorities in all these countries. In Turkey especially it became an oppressed minority. It has always been their desire to unite again in a homeland in the Kurdistan.

    In Iraq, under Saddam Hussein,the Kurds were massacred by chemical weapons of mass destruction that we had given Iraq to use against Iran. Turkey was not at all dismayed.

    Recently,Kurds have been successfully governing their own region in Iraq but which happens to border on Turkey. Turkey has long had designs on this extremely OIL- rich area. Turkey has long wanted the excuse to put down Kurds and possibly get a foothold in these ancient Kurdish lands.

    Just as Turkey attacked Greece in the 1970's, even though Greece was our staunch NATO ally,it will attack the Kurds when it feels like it.

    In spite of Turkey's behaviour, we continue to try and placate Turkey with $$$$ in aid and arms and we don't have the courage to say out loud in our Congress that Turkey commited genocide against the Armenians. We never reprimanded it either for what it did to Greece. No wonder Turkey laughs at us,takes our money and goes its own way!

    It is true that there have often been rebellious movements of the Kurd minorities in all the countries where they now live,including Turkey. These rebellions have resorted to violence and have been crushed by violence. It is part of the Kurds' wanting to reunite as one nation in their traditional homeland -the Kurdistan,land of the Kurds.

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    The Kurds are an ethnic group without a country of their own. They live in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. The ones in Northern Iraq have established their own semi-independent state and some Kurds who want South-East Turkey to join Northern Iraq in a Kurdish independent state are bombing places in Turkey, then hiding out in the northern Kurdish part of Iraq.

    Turkey says that the Kurds who are doing the bombing (from an organisation called the PKK) are terrorists and that Iraq and the US are doing nothing to stop them. Iraq and the US are too busy with all the other fighting, so Turkey has taken matters into it's own hands and invaded Kurdish Iraq.

    It's quite likely that in the long term, this trouble will spread to Iran and Syria.

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    My best answer is this and someone (I am sure) will correct me if wrong. Kurds are a clan in both Turkey and Iraq who has lived there for centuries. They have a moderate view of Islam much like the Kuwaitis. The PKK on the other hand are extremists or terrorists who want to continue a feud much like the Hatfields and McCoys. Most Kurds would prefer peace over engagement but still feel a need to protect their own over those outside the clan.

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    You already have great answers. Google has a wealth of links to continue your research. Wikipedia has one on Kurds beyond above. They are a mass group. And infiltrated by numerous extremist groups. Thus the PKK, the Kurdish Worker's Party. Way different than the peaceful ones that have been working with the US Yet they have made alot of trouble, check your news sources as they blew up a bridge , killed Turkish soldier's, kidnapped some. The PKK is said to be in Turkey's hills and just outside of the Iraq border. They go in and out killing and so forth.

    But please, I enjoy this stuff. Above did more work than I. Thanks.

    OH problem with Turkey... they have been a pain for centuries and not easy to eradicate . SO, with our dependency on them right now it suits their agenda to make some added noise.

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  • The kurds are a religious minority in Iraq. They live in the north and are seperate from the Shiites and Sunnis. Under Sadaam they enjoyed a certain amount of autonomy, but were also sometimes persecuted by his regime. They don't think of themselves as Iraqis and want independence.

    Across the border from them in Southeast turkey, there is also a large Kurdish population. Many Kurds in Iraq and in Turkey would like for both of those regions to be be split off from Iraq and Turkey to form a Kurdish state.

    Iraq doesn't want to lose the Northern part of their country and Turkey doesn't want to lose the Southern part of their country.

    The Turkish government has been fighting with Kurdish seperatists (supported by Kurds in Iraq) for decades.

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    Kurds are tribal group straddling Turkey-Iraq border. With U.S. encouragement, Kurds have set up "Kurdistan" a non-existent country within Iraq (most stable part, however). Ethnic Kurds in Turkey are saying they should be allowed to annex part fop Turkey and connect it with Kurdistan. trouble is, the Kurds are nomadic people with no historical claim to particular part of country(ies) in question aside from current residence. Turkey is upset the U.S. has tacitly allowed this to fester.

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    the Kurdish people are an ethnic group whose nation was dissolved and taken by several other countries, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Armenia. In Turkey they are heavily regulated due to government "response" to a separatist movement, (the Kurdish people want to have their country back), that has been going on for at least 100 years.

    This article should help as a starting point to understanding..

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    kurds are people living in central asia, currently having "self-rule" in northern Iraq. PKK a militant group wants a part of Turkey to be group into its area.

    Terror acts had been conducted by PKK in Turkey on both civilian and govt targets

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    The only problem Turkey has is in the House of Representatives.

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