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Are there any Jewish people that can answer this?

Do you beleive in all the Old Testament books? Do you believe that Jesus Christ was here on earth? Why don't you believe He was God in the flesh? What is wrong with the New Testament? As you can see I don't have a clue about your beliefs, explain please.

Oh yea is it offensive to call you a Jew? or is it better to say jewish?


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    Yes I can answer this READ BELOW, And

    I happen to be Jewish by birth and also spiritually by knowing the Messiah, which is why we were chosen to give us the Jewish scriptures the Tenach -the law, the writings and the prophets, called by some the old testament.

    Jeremiah 31:31 says i will make a new covenant with the house of Israel not like the one I made with Moses and you shall be my people and I will be your God.

    now it was to be that not only the high priest once a year could come before the presence of God int he holy of holies to offer the blood sacrifice of an innocent lamb to cover the sins of our people, but each would have direct access to God.

    Moses -Leviticus 17:11 "The life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it upon the altar to make atonement for your souls."

    I am born a Jew, and was taught not to question things like the prophecies in the Jewish scriptures that prove that Jesus is the Messiah and more.

    Isaiah 9:6 "Unto us a child is born a son is given and HE WILL BE the MIGHTY GOD, the PRINCE OF PEACE.

    Isaiah along with all mentioned in this book old or new showed his wrongs too, would you write about your own sins in a book? Only Jesus the lamb of God has not one sin listed, and he didnt even write one part of it.

    Isaiah 52:13-53:12 gives the complete picture of the coming of the Messiah Jesus, to be exaulted yet first marred more than any man and to lay his life down innocent for the forgiveness of sins=to make atonement for the souls.

    As a Jew I finally was willing to believe, having gone from religion to athiesm so i could live in my sins and try not to feel guilty to God.

    Revelation 1:1 & 3:19&20 tells of Jesus speaking from heaven "I love you and ask you to repent quickly of your sins (even one lie) and turn to Me. Behold I stand at your heart door and knock, if you let me in, I will come in and be your friend and have fellowship with you and you with me."

    so i prayed, "Jesus thank your for dying for my sins, Help me I am sorry for them, come into my heart and be my friend, amen"

    and a new life began and the bible became a love letter from Jesus, showing our way to salvation, true happiness and inner peace.

    Ist Corinthians 2 states "The natural mind can not understand the Spirit of God (and the bible is written "In the Spirit and truth.") neither can he know them cause that one is not spiritually discerned. But to the one with the Spirit all things are understandable."

    once the bible was a book of contradictions, now reading it through over 6 times, one part explains another part. And God warns and gives all mankind opportunity to join, in his grace=undeserved favor, yet if we chose to reject, the blindness is on our own choice.

    DIRECT ANSWERS= Yes all the books of the 'old covenant/testament' (explained earlier) are believed by some of the Jewish people, who are the Messianic Jewish that have come to the Messiah. Belief in the Jewish scriptures from there it goes all the way to athiest Jewish who totally reject it all. from the Orthadox Jew (who stays in the 5 books of Moses and writes walls around the laws in other books as the talmud that were designed to reject Moses and Isaiah's words directing us to the Messiah Jesus.

    then Jewish belief continuest to water down the Messiah. to the conservative to the reform to the athiest Jewish person.

    To these groups which had to reject Moses or else accept that Jesus is the messiah, when the temple was destroyed 70 ce common era/ad

    so they made new

    religions rejecting the blood atonement, and claimed to have found new ways to be forgiven for sins, which is in the added writings that reject Moses and Isaiah and the Jewish scriptures heart and soul, the comming of the Messiah first predicted to Adam and Eve Genesis 3:15.

    Next question, Most Jewish people to accept that Jesus was on the earth, yet some deny the most provable fact on earth that even datest most of the worlds calenadars.

    The true Jewish person Spiritually in tune with the Messiah does believe Isaiah 9:6 as quoted above that He is God in the flesh.


    Next question about the NT to the person that rejects the blood atonement required in Judaism they have to reject the new testament, because it provest that Jesus fulfilled the blood atonement required, as well as the other prophecies as Micah 5:1&2 that the Messiah would come from eternity and be born in Bethlehem.

    peace up and best day ever praying for you,

    David in His amazing grace, I once was blind but now I see =John chapters 3 &10 Life and life more abundantly.

    LAST QUESTION OF YOURS=how would you feel is someone called you heathen, which is what gentile means of other than the Jewish people. to say 'you Jew' is to most Jewish people considered a put down. Yet I

    proudly accept it when someone says it to me I say thanks, I am proud to be a believer in Jesus my savior and best friend, and to be a Jew.

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    We do believe in the Jewish scriptures. The term "Old Testament" is considered offensive. We don't believe that our covenant is 'old' or done-away-with.

    We believe in one G-d, and were instructed by Him many times to worship only Him--and not a man. Deut. 13 tells us that even if a 'prophet' does miracles and tells us to worship someone else, we are to cleave only to our G-d.

    We ARE waiting for the messiah--but he won't be G-d, or the "son of G-d" in the sense that Christians think. The very idea is totally foreign to Judaism. He will be a spiritual/political leader--a MAN--who will bring about world peace and take us back to Israel. We won't worship him.

    And we don't believe that your man-god is messiah for the simple reason that he fulfilled NONE of the prophecies!

    Now--I know you've been taught the he fulfilled all of them. The Christian belief on that score is riddled with mis-translations of the Hebrew text, absurd mis-understandings, and sometimes outright making up the 'scripture' that he supposedly fulfilled.

    Here's the thing: We KNOW what the messiah will do. You man didn't do any of it.

    As far as whether or not he even lived--who knows? I have a degree in history, and my research shows that the record is bare on the subject. (There is a reference to him in Josephus--but Josephus was heavily edited later by a student, and it is textually obvious that this is an edit). My suspicion is that someone like him did live, that he gathered a small following, and that Paul came along later and created the religion.

    And btw, the Jewish people have suffered through several false messiahs. Your man-god was not the only one by any means....and we didn't kill any of them.

    As far as your scriptures go, I suppose they would be okay if they weren't full of diatribes calling Jews "sons of the devil". We don't LIKE that kind of thing. :) And of course your theology--it's yours, what can I say? It's certainly nothing that Jews feel comfortable with.

    I'm a Jew. No offense there--it's a descriptive noun, it's who I am. There are ways to use the word that WOULD be offensive--but the word itself is not, and I personally use it all the time.

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    OK, couple of things:

    1. "Messianic Jews" are **not** Jewish. Period, end of sentence. They can call themselves whatever they want, but they're the **only** ones who think that they're Jewish.

    2. Tehilla V gave the Jewish perspective. I'll put a link below so you can read more about what we believe. Just to add a word, though, the "prophecies" I've seen brought to bear on Jesus from my Bible have been mistranslations and/or phrases taken out of context. Two examples: the word 'almah in Isaiah 7 does **not** mean virgin, it means young girl. Also: in Isaiah 53, the suffering servant is **clearly** Israel when this chapter is taken **in context** with Isaiah 52.

    3. As far as "Jew" vs. "Jewish"--it really depends on the context.

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    hi - welcome living house! you're completely Jewish. you have gained "citizenship" by way of your mom, who under no circumstances switched over out so there is no question. In Judaism, you haven't any longer left till you initiate worshipping yet another God concept. you would be pleasantly stunned as you look into Judaism, how most of the uncomplicated values & attitude to stay you instinctively found out out of your mum and dad. i'm hoping you detect some good instructions or activities on the synagouge to become in touch it -- so which you would be able to examine it out for your self. That finished leaving & assimilating, then coming returned is a actual trend this is occurred. you heavily isn't on my own in feeling new. all the branches are accepting of homosexuality different than the Orthodox (have hallaic subject concerns with it), so Reform, Reconstructionist, & Conversative (on a greater quiet point) might all be an undemanding sufficient in good condition for that area of your self. There are some very knowledgable Jewish people who cling out in YA. additionally, some great links & analyzing concepts we've shared with one yet another. So, be at liberty to cling out, ask questions - & first rule of Judaism in practice - no question is merely too small or too stupid. All may bring about fairly considerate solutions!

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    Lots of questions. Jews follow the Torah, which is copied in the Old Testament of the Christian bible.

    The existence of Jesus is not relevant to Jewish theology.

    Why do you believe he was?

    The existence and contents of the new testament isn't relevant to Jewish theology.

    The term "Jew" isn't offensive, unless used derisively.

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    well, there are 2 types of Jew, there is the religion, and the nationality...

    and typically, people of the jewish faith, and of the jewish nationality are not offended by the term "Jew"

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    Jews have their own religion call judaism

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    if u call us Jews jews or jewish, it is anti-semitic and offensive.

    We like to be called "Gods chosen people".

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    It is obvious that one of the respondents here is a Christian who claims to be of the Jewish faith either in error or in order to proselytize ( who may or may not be of Jewish heritage, I cannot ascertain based on the answer given especially since it reflects such a lack of basic Jewish education especially regarding the context of the Hebrew Bible)

    I would like to clear up something before I answer your question.

    Gentile means NATION, and it is also used to refer to Israel in the Hebrew Bible although the term has come to mean NON-JEW ..that is as simple as it gets. When Isaiah speaks of the righteous of all nations having a place in the world to come..he means that all gentiles ..all nations..regardless of belonging to the eternal covenant ( not an "Old" testament ) or not.

    Gentiles could even come to worship at both Temples in Jersalem. The Christian notion that one had to be "grafted in" ( and their concept is contradictory to Torah's notion of becoming a part of the covenant) in order to merit blessing, achieve atonement or salvation is irrelevant and non-existent in the Hebrew Bible.

    I think that many of your questions can be succinctly answered by exploring the differences in the concepts between Judaism and Christianity from a purely contextual Biblical perspective and rather than "re-invent the wheel" so to speak, I will give a link written by a Conservative Rabbi that speaks for the basic beliefs common to all three major branches of Judaism at

    The Old Testament is the Christian ALTERATION of the Hebrew Bible, known by Jews as the Tanakh, an acronym so to speak of the three parts of the Bible. The Torah ( the 5 books of Moses called the Pentateuch also ) meaning Teaching/or Law, next the Neviim, or Prophets and then lastly, the Ketuviim, or Writings. The early church fathers in the 4th century renamed the Tanakh the "Old Testament" to better reflect that the Christian additions ( in violation of commands in Deuteronomy not to add to or take away from the eternal covenant) were a replacement theology of a "New Testament". Within the Tanakh it is stated at least 14 times that I've personally counted...that the covenant is eternal..and states in several places that until heaven and earth pass, it remains because there has always been and shall always be at least a remnant to remain who are faithful to it.

    Every time in the history of the Hebrews/Jews that the nation in large numbers strayed through adopting practices or beliefs of the peoples surrounding them, or adopted pagan or idolatrous elements of worship as a part of the nations practice, the Tanakh relates that the nation was severely punished. If one reads the Hebrew Christian response to your question here, you can see how as in the past, there are people who wish to claim that because a Jew may adopt a belief foreign to Judaism, they feel they can call their belief Jewish!

    Jesus probably lived, but I doubt that anyone who knew him while alive would recognize him from the depiction of him in the New Testament.

    The Christian concept of messiah, assigning him roles and functions that are reserved only for God is also completely foreign to the Jewish Bible and messianic prophecy for Israel. Because the Hebrew Bible prophecy is for an annointed human king who will die and leave progeny, and because Jesus fulfilled none of the messianic expectations ( as is evidenced by the world around us and in fact by this very question needing to be posed) is why Jesus shall never be accepted by Jews as the Davidic messiah.

    Jeremiah's "new covenant" speaks of the messianic age , the time when the messiah will do the job prophecied. If you read that story it becomes very clear that it speaks of a time when NO one will ever need to tell another who or what God is, no preaching will be necessary, and especially no sales pitches ( missionizing) because EVERY human on earth will know God, directly. no intercessor, in fact, no faith necessary..each will KNOW. Isaiah speaks of this time when every knee will bend and tongue give homage. Christian replacement theology takes that passage and claims that all humans will be bowing to Jesus. That would be an abomination to the commands of God in Torah. Jews would rather die as is evidenced by the refusal of Jews to abandon our faith and connection to God than believe that God would violate the promises and commands that have kept Israel alive and the covenant intact despite thousands of years of effort to do away with us. WE have faith that as in the past 3500 years, God will keep us alive to be a light unto the nations.

    As Mark stated, Isaiah 53 is only a part of a narrative, it actually begins before chapter 52 ( the chapter designations btw didn't EXIST for centuries and the narrative was known as the SERVANT SONG..and about Israel. Israel is declared the servant no less than FOURTEEN times from Chapter 41 though chapter 52. I found it interesting in my reading of this that I counted the same number of times the covenant is declared eternal in the Bible that Israel is declared God's servant in Isaiah.

    The most Jewish part of the New Testament is the sermon on the mount ( in my view )

    In that, Jesus is said to instruct people on the way to pray. The "Lord's Prayer" is a prayer that my Jewish parents did not have any problem praying with Christians in public up to the point where they may say it in " Jesus name" violating the second commandment not to pray to or through any entity on earth or in heaven before God. In it, the instruction teaches to pray to our father who art in heaven ( patriarchal deity remember? ) thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven ( an admonition to bring about tikkun olam or perfecting of the world as partners with God) give us this day our daily bread ( we still say the Hamotzi to thank for bread!) forgive us as we forgive those who have tresspassed against us ( the Jewish way to seek atonement is to first acknowledge wrongdoing, seek to make amends with the one you wronged, ask for their forgiveness and THEN ask for God's directly as this says ) lead us not unto temptation ( asking for strength to master the yetzer hara, evil inclination also Hasatan, the adversary that entices us to yeidl to that inclination)but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever..amen.

    Note..Jesus did not instruct there to pray to him or through him. The trinity is also incompatible with Jewish belief.

    The New Testament is "wrong" in that it gives a very different interpretation of the Jewish Bible than a contextual reading of it does...meaning it misrepresents passages by sometimes even assigning meaning that is in direct contradiction to it. Do not take my word for it. If you truly want to understand, it will take the effort of trying to read from Genesis forward WITHOUT viewing through the lens of what the New Testament says ABOUT the Tanakh.

    The New Testament also says some things about Judaism that are completely untrue. There NEVER was a custom of pardoning a prisoner for Passover in Judaism. This " privilege pasqualum" was an invention of the New Testament writer in order to inflame the reader against the Jews who the story tries to tell could have saved Jesus if they had only chosen him to be the one pardoned for passover. Such a "custom" never existed and there exist historic debates with rabbis going back to the earliest days of this story's appearance to declare that it is a FALSE claim. BESIDES the more important and easier to show how illogical is that the ROMANS were crucifying many Jews, and many messiah hopefuls over a 150 year period because it was ONLY Roman rule that any messiah hopeful would threaten! There have been DOZENS of failed messiahs over the centuries and NOT ONE was ever killed by Jews. The Romans would not have honored any Jewish custom as they were PERSECUTING Jews, especially any who would have posed any form of threat to their authority! There is also no record in any Roman text of such a type of pardon.

    Another fallacy is the manner the trial of Jesus was depicted. It was obviously written by someone who knew absolutely nothing about the process of trial for a capital offense by the Sanhedrin. This answer is so very long already but I'll briefly mention ONLY a FEW of the problems..a charge that could be punished by death FIRST required three character witnesses FOR the accused..then, even if they were found guilty, there could be no execution enacted until there were at least five appeals..and then there had to be a waiting period before the execution..not to mention that the Sanhedrin could ONLY convene AFTER the morning sacrifice in the Temple and could not EVER convene at night especially on Shabbat or Pesach. To claim otherwise would be like saying that the US Supreme court met in secret, violated every law they claim to uphold to find someone guilty to be punished by death and then enacted a form of execution forbidden by their law as well.

    These answers will perhaps be shocking to you from the perspective of learning your New Testament as "gospel truth" and then reading portions of the Christian Old Testament that appear to "confirm" what it says. Growing up Jewish of course I read the Tanakh first as a child and then was so very often confused as to why so many people had such BIZARRE notions about Judaism because I thought..hey, the first 2/3 of their Bible is ours, isn't it? Why do they think such strange things, don't they READ it? When many claimed to have read it..I just could NOT believe that since they still would say strange things about passages that simply were NOT in there..

    THEN I decided to try something. I read the New Testament from cover to cover..and a light dawned on me..THIS IS WHY..and THIS is why there is Jew hate. The New Testament changes many stories! There is a massive amount of DEMONIZATION of Jews in the New Testamtent as well! I then REREAD their Old Testament..and used the New Testament "window" and history and persection going on for centuries and even MODERN times..and misunderstandings..made so much more sense. I often feel as if I am battling windmills in trying to explain this as it is often met with hostile charges that I'm evil for saying these things about the New Testment. However, I cannot say otherwise in any is what I have discovered through a sincere effort to UNDERSTAND.

    Whether or not you pick my answer is irrelevant to me. Don't take my word for ANYTHING here. I respectfully and sincerely hope that one day ANY of you who truly want to understand why there is so much misunderstanding to do AS I did..and read from the beginning to end ..each religion's Bible and look at the Tanakh at least ONCE without using ANY of the window of the New Testament and then YOU tell me what you find at odds with the two.

    I give thumbs up to both Tehilla V and Mark and I'm in agreement with both! In addition to the great information given already by Tehilla V and Mark S, check out the links I've given.


    EDIT..I know this is already massively long but I wanted to point out something VERY important.. in contrast to the claim of sweet p that I have never heard from any Jew, Judaism in fact demands that we question and challenge any claims to determine if they are real or not. I have never heard Orthodox, Conservative or Reform ( and I have family in all three branches ) make such a claim. I believe that one of the reasons Jews excel so much in the sciences is because of our adherence to the continual desire to question, test and learn, to know what is real and what isn' make sure we are not being led astray by deceit.

    and although I could write volumes on this answer..I hush up now. :)

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