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Very Dark Underarms...? help my girlfriend?

Very Dark underarms

The colour of my underarms is grey and I have a fair complexion. I am not able to wear sleeveless due to a major color difference. I would like to have clear, and fair underarms. Please suggest a home remedy. Is it possible to purchase any masks that can help in fading the dark armpits. Please advice

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    Dark underarms is a very common problem. Have a look on this article for more information

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    home remedies like lemon dry up skin considerably... you'll need a good skin lightening cream (should be safe and potent) and apply directly to the affected area for the fastest and effective results.. remember though that the underarm is a sensitive and thin skin area and should be treated with care..

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  • i dont know why i keep advising every body to mistrusting ther body by the time its well fade the discolor its may take 2 3 months but 90% its work...... use any cream daily just make sure ur body not dry.....

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    i would like the answer to im the same way i know a few friends who have the same problem too but i have more then just dark arm pits in other areas tooo help us.

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