Have u ever been sexual abused as a child or know someone who has been sexual abused?

what damages (personality, emotions, thoughts...) u/them r awared of, according to ur experiences.


Plz answer according to ur experiences not ur opinions


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    Yes, I have had this experience as a child and adult. As a child, I felt like I was going to hell. I thought I had to have done something wrong and I was being punished. I was brought up a very strict Roman Catholic. When I got a little older, I refused to let this man touch me, so then the physical abuse began. I was only 8 at the time. No one knew and of course, we kept it to ourselves. I have 7 sisters. Now, we talk about it and found out dear old dad was doing the same thing to them and they felt as I did. When I married, I didn't know at the time, but I married a man who became very abusive because I didn't like sex at that time. His drunkeness had a lot to do with it. My personality changed in a way that I became very cautious about realtionships. Emotionally, it destroyed me for a long time, both as a child and adult. I was very protective of my children, especially my girls. I was so afraid when they started to date. They never understood why I was so protective, and I couldn't tell them. I didn't want them to be afraid of sex or a potential good man for life. One time my oldest daughter came home from school, she had to walk, and she came in crying, telling me a man approached her, sized her up and down and made a statement "oh if I were only 30 yrs younger." I immedialty went into my protective mode, brought her in the car, asked her what direction he went and she pointed the way. She spotted him and I gunned it. The guy turned around, saw me and my daughter and ran. I followed him to a house where he ran in. I came up to the porch, stopped, got out of my car and yelled as loud as I could. "you better run you s.o.b, If you ever come near my daughter again, I will KILL you." Then I went home and called the police. Long story short. she picked this man out of a line up and pictures. He was just released from prison for raping children, boys and girls. So my entire being was changed from childhood to adulthood. It is the most horrific, traumatic experience a child can have. It's just as bad when you are beaten as an adult. You wonder, when will this ever end. I have to say now, I am married to a wonderful man now for 28 yrs. My fears have gone. but it took almost 40 yrs before I felt free again. I hope this is what you are looking for. This brings back terrible memories.

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    Ibelieve the statistcs ae 1 in 5 women are, usually by someone they know. For guys I'm not sure, they probably don't tell. Depending on the severity, each person handles it differently. We tend to detach ourselves from ourselves and or the world. Yet with time we do have a choice to survive or stay as a victim. I chose to survive. I have 2 kids , and brought them up with self confidence and of course American Kenpo.

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    hi, i'm no longer so constructive its relatively mandatory to catagorise this as abuse or no longer. the main mandatory factor is that it could have been fantastically worrying, yet sexual experimentation at this age is quiet wide-spread, in the event that they had previous abuse themes it could herald greater complexity (yet on the grounds that we don't be attentive to, shall we no longer assume). the main substantial factor is you at present have intimacy themes. it could or won't have its foundation interior the context you reported. before I proceed, i think of you have performed a brave factor and you're on the path, so it relatively is no longer a critisism, i relatively wish it would not come for the era of this form. the 1st step is possessing the concern, 'I easily have an intimacy subject, ... i'm no longer precisely constructive the way it have been given there (i'm going to have some strategies) yet i could desire to clean up MY intimacy subject concern' Then could I propose which you stumble on a funky, and skillful therapist and manage your subject, that could or won't contain looking out who, what and the place. it relatively is in many cases, no longer mandatory by way of fact therapeutic many times lies in understanding and accepting and forgiving, no longer in people, activities and circumstances. nicely performed back, and good success

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    It changes your attitude towards sex, that's for sure.

    Someone I know thinks sex is very cheap as she can get it anywhere, from anybody. Other aspects of a meaningful relationship then become more important.

    Some other people develop a more negative attitude towards sex, while still others go on to abuse more children.

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    they can be codependant on someone they feel a connection to... and that is dangerous czu that person may not have their best intrest at heart.

    they turned into an abuser themselves.

    they grew into problems with intamecy and/or addictions to sex.

    that's just for the kids. the adults who are sexually abused get crazier in my opinion.

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    ♥ Yes it started about 2 or 3 years ago my married cousin who is much older started to manipulate me and attempted to rape me. ♥

    It's hard because if you tell someone like a friend or something they're like one day it will be ok but it wont. he hasnt done anything for so long now even though he has tried and i stand up to him and move away he still tries again. and the more i stand upto him the weaker i feel. the less i see him the more scared i get. everything he did disturbs my thoughts even now and makes me feel like ripping my skin off knowing that he touched me. and now my attitude towards sex has changed completely. before it was just something you has to do. but now to me sex is cheap, disgusting and horrible and i hate it. i hate talking about it i hate saying the word and when someone close to me mentions it i feel like exploding!! literally!! and the hard thing is that i cant get over it. its taken over my life and its never gonna go away now. im gonna see him again and im gonna have to put on a smile and act like everythings ok. hes my first cousin and if i marry his brother im gonna have that pigs blood in my kids. i dont want anything to do with him but he's the closest family i got. i even brought up his kid for f**** sake and he used his own son 2 put me in a situation where he can manipulate me and he tried to sleep with me twice. and it hruts because my friends think it will all be over one day. but they dont know that every moment a thought of him crosses my mind... its like it only just begun. they laugh and talk about sex but they dont know that whenever they say that damn word it cuts deeper into my heart and mind and emotions everytime. and now because of him when i get married i cant tell my huband what ive been through and i'll have a marraige built on a big painful and disgusting lie. something like that, you might be able to talk and get help but it sticks with you forever. and i just wish that moment he really got to me and i nearly killed myself...i wish i did.

    how the hell does a teenage girl get over that?

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    the sexual abuse is now growing in the society due to raise of sex in movies and availability of sexy movies,blue films,etc

    the etical values &moral values are now so much down

    due to these

    personally when asexual abuse is happen then they want to say about it but don't know how to explain it to their parents

    they don't know to whom to say their facing problem

    in many countries the parents don't have information about child abusal so they don't take care of it . it makes child heart so much disturb

    emotions of achild is becoming fear towards society ,they become helpless to do the things intheir way

    & fear is so much generated later in teenage they become into psycic disorder & sometimes become criminal to do rape or murder

    & sometimes they go towards suiside

    the thoughts are disturb & they can't concentrate on studies& other things like games etc

    some times they may become PROSTITUTES

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    I hope everthing is okay with you.

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    it will impact every aspect of their life ......for the rest of their life

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