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有關延長照片上傳期間的英文, 請幫我修改



我的網頁中的FORM 2, 在10/22前需要請參加者上傳照片, 但因體諒大家可能很忙或因某些理由不克上傳, 因此特地延長1週的時間, 讓他們有時間上傳.

以下是我寫的英文, 請英文高手幫我修改, 謝謝.

Regarding to upload the photo in Form 2 of the application for the badge, we know it maybe so busy or some irresistible reason for you to upload the photos into Form 2 on the internet. Please be noted that we really understand it, so the dead line will be extending for one week, from 10/23~10/29. Therefore, please kindly upload your photo on the internet during this period, it will be much appreciated.

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    We are extending the completion dead line of application form for one more week. Please upload your picture for form 2 of the application form before Oct 29. We need the picture for the badge. Please make sure you upload your picture to our server. If you run into problem during the process, please contact us at .....

    Thank you for your participation. Your cooperation on this matter is very much appreciated.

    ==> not sure it fit the circurstance but it sounds more like English.

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