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Looking for name of movie-woman mouth stitched falls for doctor?

I think it was in the 80s. She was in some type of accident and she ends up falling in love with the doctor. Her mouth is sewn, stitched, so she cannot speak. Do you know the name of the movie or at least who was in it?


It was in the 80s. She was in some type of accident. Her mouth is sewn, stitched, so she cannot speak. She ends up falling for the doctor. Do you know the name of the movie or at least who was in it?

It is not Boxing Helena. Prior to 1993.

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    Oh.. damn.. I watched this on TV maybe a year ago.. One Sec.. I think I can figure it out..

    I really remember this.. she was a military nurse or something.. got in an accident.. her jaw was destroyed.. so they sewed it up to keep the risk of infection down..The doctor was trying to find a way to recreate the jaw.. and it was based on a true story.. The doctor was played by an actor that is easy to identify if you see him.. .. grr.. this is going to bug me..

    Think of actors similar to Andy Garcia.. because that's who I keep thinking it is.. it's another latino actor from the 80's.. the other name I keep thinking is Erik Estrada.. (and I KNOW it's not him.. ).. IMDB has nothing from Garcia that sounds familiar.. but that's who I keep seeing in my head.. and the actress was one I'd know if I could picture her clearly as well..

    Got it!..

    Why Me? starring Glynnis O'Connor and Armand Assante

    An Air Force nurse about to leave the service is badly disfigured about her face in a car accident in which she also looses her baby. Her husband cannot deal with her disfigurement and she goes through a depression wondering why she was kept alive. The drunk driver who ploughed into her car is let off with a very lenient punishment, too. A doctor at the hospital sees potential in reconstructing this nurse's face. This doctor extends her enlistment so this nurse will be eligible for medical treatment covered by the armed forces over the entire course of the reconstructive surgeries. In the course of the reconstruction, the doctor and the nurse must overcome several obstacles. These range from the personal, where the nurse wonders if the doctor is only doing this for his own fame, to the bureaucracy, which has problems with the use of labial tissue from the vaginal area to reconstruct the nurse's lips. All through her treatment the nurse continues her duties at the hospital when she is well enough to work. She befriends a blinded patient while her jaws are wired shut. She is so afraid that he will not like her when he regains he sight. He does not and thanks his "Silent Angel" for the care she has given him. This boosts her morale greatly. In the end the nurse makes a full recovery. When her enlistment ends she joins the doctor in the private practice he has set up after leaving the Air Force. They marry. Written by Gwynne M. Osaki {}

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    i do no longer undergo in recommendations the call of the action picture nor who develop into in it yet undergo in recommendations it properly. It develop into in accordance with a actual guy or woman & in actual existence, i think of I study someplace that the affected person & Dr. have been married a pair of years later.

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    could it be "Boxing Helena" starring Julian Sands?

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