Thinking of starting a non-profit animal rescue group.. thoughts please.?

I have been volunteering for a bit for another group but wish to see what it would take to start my own. It's a great cause that gives me great satisfaction but wish to see what all it takes.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would think that you could talk to the person at any given rescue group w/ the info you need & they would share. There are tons of rescue groups out there but it seems never enough so they should be happy to talk to you!

  • momin
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    4 years ago

    how is it impossible which you will undertake out animals?? if that shelter isnt adopting out its animals.. and your shelter isnt adopting out its animals.. and no different shelters are adopting out their animals.. then perhaps human beings on your city basically dont want pets.. digital mail me in case you have greater info. a thank you to you be attentive to the animals weren't observed? I worked at a shelter in a city over 50,000 human beings.. we perhaps observed out purely a million day an afternoon.. perhaps 2-3 canines a week.. and definite we had to do euthanasia.. call a vet and ask them approximately it.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Society for Nonprofit Organizations has info on starting a non-profit: and can click 'starting a nonprofit'.

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