Oil Painting?

Ok So i painted something yesterday and it is still wet... but i need this painting by tomorrow and i need it to be dry!!!

Any tips for making it dry please!!!!!!!! Thank you!

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    1 decade ago
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    Unfortunately, oil paint naturally dries slowly, which is part of it's appeal (unless you has a looming due date). The thicker the paint the longer it will take (there are Van Gogh's that are still wet under the surface). The hairdryer doesn't sound like a bad idea, just keep the dryer far enough away from the paint to prevent it over heating and possibly catching fire (this is an oil based product, after all) That should atleast make the surface dry so it wont be dripping, but you will have to be extremely careful not to let anything touch the surface as it will still be malleable.

    Good luck

    Source(s): I'm an art history master student that has studied materials and techniques
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  • 1 decade ago


    Depending upon the medium that you used (linseed oil with turps, liquin, stand oil, etc), the thickness of the paint and so on, that will dictate the drying time.

    If you have one of those portable ventilators (not sure how it's called there), point it to the painting and turn it on the LEAST warm temperature. Keep a safe distance, like 5 feet or so.

    It should not be always on, since too much heat musn't be good. Keep it on like 10 minutes then turn it off. Or set the....I just forgot the name of that thing that regulates the temperature and turns on and off according to it.

    Now, do you really need it to be touch dry tomorow ?

    Can't you take it carefully without touching its surface ?

    Good luck !

    Best regards,



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  • Zetsu
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    1 decade ago

    matters what colors u used, for example alizarin crimson takes about 8 days to dry. not many oil colors dry within two days, there is no way to make it dry faster while the paint is already on the canvas, but u could try a hair dryer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That is not going to happen, make alternate plans.

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