how can i stop the virus from sending instant messages to my contacts in messenger?

my ym automatically sends messages to my contacts...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Honey, you have a serious problem and you need to fix your computer.

    You dont need to wipe everything that's on your machine, and start from zero as suggested. That's a very drastic solution and not as simple as it sounds. You need to learn to NOT have viruses! Otherwise you start from zero again and have viruses again! What good does that do?

    Here's less drastic suggestions and a few tips:

    Update your regular Anti virus. Get another Anti virus (like AVG, Avast, Norton, McAfee, all have free versions) and run that too. Follow their advice.

    Get Spybot Search & Destroy (be very careful with similar names!), Ad-Aware (from Lavasoft) and run them.

    Read the best answer at:

    and follow that advice.

    That is where you will learn how to fix your problem, step by step. Print that page if you need, and follow each and every step in that BEST ANSWER.

    To prevent this from happening again in the future:

    1- Do not ever click on links you dont know what they are for - it's easy to get virus and bad stuff while surfing, not just from emails anymore. Be careful with "underground sites" (jokes, porn, hentai, games, hackers downloads, "free" programs downloads, backdoor to paid sites, etc). Do not let just any site with a pretty flash presentation or a cool java game play on your computer!

    2- Keep your security up in your browser(s). In your browser options, keep the "Internet Zone" security on high or medium high. Put in "trusted sites" only the sites you need to work with which have scripts, java, flash, etc. Do not trust all sites with java and flash!

    3- Keep antivirus, anti spyware, firewall all updated and running well, every day, all the time. Use well known ones. Get them from places like or or

    4- Be careful with your typos. Ad-Aware and Adaware are NOT the same thing! You may end up with more problems if you dont pay attention...

    And to be nice to your friends, let them all know that those links are not good and to not click on them, let them know it's either spim or virus - so that the problem doesnt get bigger. Let them know you are fixing them and ask them to let you know when they stop recieving such messages from you.

    Source(s): Not really "source", but Interesting reading: A US teenager has become the first person to be arrested for the sending of unsolicited instant messages -- or spim. -->,1000000308,...
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    I had something like that before. What I had to do was restore the factory settings on my computer.

    You were either given one or two CD's when you bought the computer to do this, or else you need to check your book and see how to do it (it's usually doing something like holding down a certain 'F/number (EG: F12) button as your computer is switching on, and going into options there).

    Unfortunately doing this wipes whatever photo's, music, etc you have on your computer. (If you have photo's saved to something online like Flickr, then they'll still be there, just not on your computer).

    But it's best to get rid of any virus', even if it is annoying to re-save music onto your computer, etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    I had a friend also sending "strange" instant messages to me while we were chatting.

    After checking several possibilities on how or where it was coming from, it was found out that the "strange" message was somehow found on my friend's "My Contact Details."

    The "strange" message stopped sending when my friend deleted it.

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