The Holocaust?

Does anyone know any good online sources about the Holocaust for homework?

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    This site listed in the sources below deals with the representations of the Holocaust in art and literature comparing various film versions of the horrors that the Jews faced. The positive aspects of giving Jewish people a strong identity and power are argued the authenticity of the Holocaust portrayals is questioned. It also discusses whether or not Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust entirely and whether or not without him it would or would not have taken place. It discuses the social economic background of Germany It also discusses anti Semitism in Europe generally and the general hostility towards the Jews This assignment then considers whether or not Hitler ordered the Holocaust himself or whether it took place without his knowledge or approval.

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    It is given that of the best way the Jews had been slaughtered. Holocaust comes style the Greek phrase holokaustus, which means that to burn or devour by means of fireplace. Those others slaughters didn't make use of the approach of fireside as did the Nazis.

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