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Wasnt South Africa's victory a hollow victory seeing we are a crap team? What does this make Australia/ france

Lets face it we were the 7TH! best county in the world at Rugby, yet we beat France, the hosts who had spent the last 4 years preparing for this moment, and we beat Australia again, a country that is brought up on being violent.

I mean Rugby isnt even a popular sport in England, when was the last time you saw some kids playing it?

Oh yes, and where the heck was Scotland, they were at home eating their deep fried mars bars before the postcards arrived home .. as usual!

I won't even mention the rest of the home nations as I think being rude about third world countries isnt a nice thing to do.

Of course these losers will take great pleasure in mocking us but when you have no chance of winning anything other than mars bar eating competition, thats what pleasure you get, seeing others fail, but how getting to a final is failure is beyond me, when all these other countried were ranked HIGHER than us.

Oh dear, says a alot about their campaign and how crap they are!



Ah Scottie, such intelligence and debate is what keeps this site going, well done.

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    Anti Scottish crispy tut tut.

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    Given this is a debate and is what keeps this site going, I do believe you have a fair question.

    England did very well and it showed they can play exciting Rugby.

    In my opinion England had in the bag if they continued to play and used the same tactic they have in the pass. During the final they switch their tactic and played a more open game in the last 20 minutes of the game.

    In my view South Africa went in playing the game using England’s tactic resulting to England being beaten in there own game.

    Both teams played very well, the kicking game from both teams were spot on and as I predicted, it was going to be a very close game.

    So, no. South Africa’s victory was not a hollow victory and at no time was England going to be or have been a crap team. England on our part of the world was always going to be a very hard to beat as they were the World Cup holders.

    And lets face it, when it comes to the Rugby World Cup, the IRB rating really means nothing.

    So a Congratulation to both teams for a game well played.

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    Yes; well; you're obviously, "Meaner than a Junkyard Dowg", as the song goes.

    And thanks re the insight into rugby-playing at Brit's schools; it is always good to know what other people find a joy.

    Hey, are they Downball players in UK at school?

    You might be a bit rough on it here, but there certainly seem elements of truth.

    Being Aussie, I have no excuses, even though, generally-speaking, in most states here, rugby is not big.

    Most of us are Australian footballers; but nevertheless, we should have done better; we are supposedly, "a sports nation".

    We lost last time to England, and I cannot tell you where our game has been lately or where it is going, or even, IF it is going!

    But it does just show how false and inept 'ranking' can be.

    But I guess it happens in Tennis majors as well.

    Sometimes, a top-ranked player will be knowcked out in the 2nd round.

    But, Yes; there were quite a few who failed in the finals here; weren't there?

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    Of course it was,We would much prefer to have played a more substantial team such as New Zealand than England in the final but due to technicalities and very poor refereeing the French beat New Zealand.Then again for England to beat both Australia and France is an achievement the English should be proud of in any respect and the English can hold their heads up high-as to why they feel so dejected to lose against South Africa-well it was going to happen-their winning ways coud not last forever and South Africa's track record against England speaks for itself-It would have taken something very special to win it.

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  • Bru
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    South Africa won because they were the better team. I am bitching because I see the jubilation and emotion in the Springbok players faces and I wish it was the All Blacks. South Africa are No 1. Well done.

    1 World Champions - South Africa

    2 England

    3 Argentina

    4 France

    Lets show a bit of respect to both teams.

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    I am a SA supporter, and all I can say is that I do not think either of us should have been in the final it was the most boring game in history. The Argentina /France semi final game was far better than the final. Argentina should have won this competition.

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    Thats funny,theres 5 kids in my street that play rugby.Rugby is played in most senior schools,tag in junior.I've been watching my son play rugby for 5yrs,union and league.

    The World Cup this year gave alot of surprises,apart from SA being in the final(most people thought they would be).Its been really enjoyable,and England have come along way.

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    I was as amazed as everyone else how England stepped up to the plate when it counted. South Africa deserved to win the final even though my heart was with England. Good on England for kicking sand in the face of their critics.

    P.S. To the contributor who said England kept going on about winning, I think you got the wrong team, it was New Zealand who kept saying they had the cup in the bag (and look what happened to us!!!!).

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    dry your eyes out and just get used to the fact that the mighty england are good at nothing i need not say anymore facts speak for themselves as for all the scots eating all the fried mars bars you should try it instead of eating all the pies remember all the other nations don't brag that they are going to win anything however it is great to listen to all these sports pundits go on about england can win euro 2008 firstly you have got to be in it to win it as for the rugby well say no more

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    Well we've shot up the rankings now, i might be wrong but i think we're third or fourth.

    Anyway looks like you've been in a few mars bar eating contests as well!

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    It wasnae a hollow victory, the Boks were just playing widya like a cat plays with a wee moose. Scotland went into this campaign as a learning curve for the next world cup with a budding squad unlike england who went intae it with a bunch of crocks and pensioners!

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