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why women's body so soft comparing to men?

Well I think it is because of hormones. But is there any other reasons why women do have soft skin and body??

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    just hormones, primarily estrogen, it's the cause for softer skin, extra fat deposits, and some female features, FYI : when guys have sex changes they get estrogen injections to feminize themselves!!

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    Yes it is the hormonal difference.

    The androgens (including testosterone) in men makes the skin thicker & tougher.

    Estrogen helps the body to place more fat deposits under the skin, thins the skin and blood vessels (hence women bruise easier).

    As for our bodies having more or less areas which are ready to build up fat deposits, they ae the same in both men and women. This is one of the reasons why gender reasignment can work so well.

    Trans men soon become the hairy beast of a man with thicker & tougher skin once they start taking testosterone, and trans women notice their hair and skin gets softer the longer that they are on estrogen.

    Once the gonads are gone, the effects are improved further still.

    As to where the deposits are: most people agree that they are well placed to protect the baby during pregnancy & to help men find us more attractive.

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    Women Soft Skin

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    Women have this extra layer of fat under the skin which makes their skin softer than men's skin. In addition, women also have more body fat than men because they are the ones who carry the baby through pregnancy and fat is nature's way of reserving energy because a woman's body needs to nurture both the baby and the carrier.

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    Testosterone hormone grows hair in male and female In female This hormone is present but negligible. Since no hair can grow all over a female body their skin and thighs are smooth like a tender banana stem

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    women have more fat cells than men, and the level of water in their skin cells is higher.

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    Like Jessica said...the female hormone, estrogen. That's one of the many ways God created male and female bodies to be different.

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    ultimately it goes back to having XX rather than XY sex chromosomes...

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    to make them cuddly,,,

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