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    (a) at 用來表示準確的時間

    e.g. at one o'clock / at this moment / at Christmas / at once

    (b) in 用來表示某一段的時間

    e.g. in two months / in 1815 / in the morning / in a week

    (c) on 用來表示一個特殊的時間

    e.g. on Christmas Eve / on Friday night / on Wednesday / on his birthday

    (d) for 用來表示動作能夠維持的時間

    e.g. for three months / for ten years / for five minutes / for a few hours

    (e) since 用來表示事情的發生後至再提起的一段時間

    e.g. since last week / since nine o'clock / since1985


    (a) at用來表示正確的地方

    e.g. at home / at the table / at the station / at 734,Causeway Bay

    (b) in用來表示範圍大的地方

    e.g. in the room / in Hong Kong / in the city / in the ocean

    (c) into 和 in 的分別是: in 是表示不動的,但 into 是有動作的

    e.g. A boy walked into the house in which we were living.

    He was in the house.

    (d) on 用來表示一種東西附在另一種東西上

    e.g. on the table / on the desk / on the road

    (e) from 由

    e.g. from one place to another place / from England


    e.g. agree "with" a person / ask "for" something / beg "for" help / die "of" a disease


    about above across after against along among as at

    before behind below beneath beside between by (because of)

    down during


    for from

    in into inside (instead of)

    near (next to)

    of off on outside over (out of)




    than through till to towards

    under underneath untill unto up upon

    with with within

    Source(s): 英文科複習指導
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    Prepositions 又叫介系詞!

    基本上用係四大方面: 時間,地方,位置,行動

    另外又會同埋其他詞一切用: 名詞, 動詞, 形容詞

    介系詞係在敘述句子中其他字之間的關係。in 或 after 等介系詞本身沒有意義,且很難用字來定義。例如,當你試著定義 in 或 between 或 on 等介系詞時,你必須用雙手來表現某物與他物之間的位置關係。介系詞幾乎都是與其他字結合成所謂的介系詞片語結構。介系詞片語可由一百萬個字來構成,但它們的構造似乎都相同:一個介系詞後面接一個或兩個修飾語,再接一個名詞 (稱為介系詞的受詞)。然後,這整個片語扮演修飾的角色 -- 作為形容詞或副詞,指出某事物的空間和時間,或說明某事是在何時、何地或何種情況下發生。

    中文版: 一般常見的介系詞

    英文版: List of common prepositions

    Use of prepositoins


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    Source(s): wiki
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