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幫幫手譯英文. 關於施政報告 20點





5.所以我覺得政府與其每年多動用17億元推行十二年免費教育, 倒不如全力落實小班教學,一來可以減輕老師負擔,又可以提高教學質素.


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    1. This year's policy address, which I believe most parents happy, it is to implement a 12 free education (that is, more high school three years). The number of benefit as many as 200,000 people, the government's annual expenditure increased from 17 to 2000000000; Universal reported that new measures would help the lower income families, reducing their burden!

    2. Government to extend free education to 12 years, may help resolve the gap between rich and inter-generational poverty, "the rich have many choices in education, but the lower strata of limited choices, free tuition will enable poor families to continue their education of children at least, the number of students is better than a number of prisoners."

    3. The implementation of this new measure is only a transfer of wealth in the past by the parents are accepted, and now from the government are accepted, as for the quality of teaching has not improved corresponding measures!

    4. In fact, very few students who have economic problems and not read books, if economic problems can be aware of the fee remission, grants, and numerous subsistence allowance can apply for! Therefore, a tuition-free high school three years, the education sector is not the most pressing issue.

    5. Therefore, I feel that the government and its 1.7 billion yuan annually spend more than 12 years of the implementation of free education, it would be better to implement small class teaching, a teacher to reduce the burden, but also improve the quality of teaching.

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    1.Administrative report of this year, is it make parents to be happy most among them to believe , must is it implement free education for less than one year to implement(namely one year in high school more). The number of people receiving benefits reaches 200,000, government's annual expenditure increases by 17 to 2 billion; Generally report , this new measure can help the low family of layer , lighten their burden!

    2.The government lengthenned free education until 12, can help to solve the wide gap between the rich and the poor and step and take the place of the poverty problem , ' rich men have a lot of choices to education, but there are not many choices in the low stratum, it enables the children of the poor family to continue entering a higher school at least to avoid the tuition fee, a lot of students are always better than a lot of prisoners. '

    3.Implementation of this new measure, it is in fact only that a kind of wealth was shifted, was paid the bill by parents in the past, is paid by the government now, as for the teaching quality , there is no improved corresponding measure at all!

    4.In fact, already few students can not read the book because of economic question now, if economy is problematic, can know that there are tuition fee reducing or remitting , books subsidies , and the numerous living allowance can apply ! So, the ones that implemented the high school for three years avoided the measure of the tuition fee, it was not the most urgent problem in the education circle at all.

    5.So I think that the government put 1,700 million yuan to use and pursue free education for 12 years more instead of every year, it would be better to implement the teaching of primary class with all strength , can first lighten teacher's burden , can improve the teaching quality .

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    1. This year reporting on government administration, believed most makes the parents happy, certainly was the realization implements 12 years free education (namely many high schools' three years). Find mercies the population reaches 20 ten thousand people much, the government the disbursement increases 17 every year to 20 hundred million; The universal report, this new measure can help the low lower level the family, lightens their burden!

    2. The government lengthens the free education to 12 years, may be helpful to solve the polarization of the rich and the poor and the cross generation of poor question, "the rich man has to the education very chooses, but the low social stratum choice are not many, exempts the child which the school expense may make the poor family at least to be possible to continue to enter a higher school, many students always feel better many prisoners."

    3. This new measure implementation, actually is only one kind of wealth shift, before pays the account by the guardian, now pays the account by the government, as for the teaching innate nature, completely does not have the improvement the corresponding measure!

    4. In fact, now the very few students did not read the book because of the economic problem, if the economy has the question, may know has the school expense to reduce, the book book allowance, and has numerous number the cost of living allowance may apply! Therefore, the implementation high school three years exempt the school expense measure, simply are not in the educational circles the most urgent question.

    5. Therefore I think the government if every year to use 17 hundred million Yuan to carry out 12 years free education, would rather with all one's strength carries out the bottom class in kindergarten teaching, first may reduce teacher to bear, also may enhance the teaching innate nature.

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