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1.香 港 文 化 中 心 位 處 尖 沙 咀 海 傍 , 以 配 合 優 質 多 元 演 出 的 需 要 為 設 計 理 念 。 中 心 設 有 三 個 主 要 表 演 場 地 ,分 別 是 音樂 廳 、 大 劇 院 及 劇 場 。 全 年 上 演 各 類 演 藝 製 作, 包 括 各 式 音 樂 會 、 歌 劇 、 戲 曲、舞 蹈 、 戲 劇 、 電 影 等 。中 心 亦 設 有 展 覽 館 及 四 個 大 堂 展 覽 場 地 和 十 多 個 會 議 及 排 練 場 地 。



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    1. Located at the Hong Kong Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, to meet the needs of high-quality performance for multiple design concepts. Center has three main performance venues, namely Hall, the Grand Theater and the Theater. Production of various types of Performing Arts staged throughout the year, including all kinds of concerts, opera, drama, dance, drama, film, and so on. Center also an exhibition hall and four hall exhibition venues and more than 10 meetings and rehearsal space.

    2. Skyline is located on Lantau elevation 520 meters Ngong Ping, Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

    Skyline started in 1990, in December 1993 open to the public. Statues 26 meters high and weighing 220 tonnes, is the world's largest bronze Buddha Block. Buddha solemn silence, whether from the past, we still gives people quiet and peaceful feeling. Went up the stairs to the altar overlooking the South China Sea and the Lantau ji scenery is enchanting.

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    1.The Hong Kong Culture Centre is located in the sea of Tsim Sha Tsui to draw near, regard cooperating with the need of high-quality plural performance as the idea of designing. The centre consists of three main performance places , is the music hall , large theater and theater separately. Show all kinds of performing arts to make in the whole year, including various types of concerts , opera , opera , dance , drama , film ,etc.. The centre also consists of the exhibition hall , four hall exhibition places and more than ten meetings and rehearses the place .

    2.It is flat for Big Buddhism in the Temple of Heaven to located in holding high of 520 metres in elevation of Dayu Mountain, it is one of the most popular scenic spots of Hong Kong.

    Big Buddhism in the Temple of Heaven started building in 1990, visited for the public personage open in December of 1993. The statue of Buddha is 26 metres high , 220 metric tons in weight, is the biggest bronze seat Buddha in the world. The statue of Buddha is filled with a solemn silence, no matter look near in the far temple, all give people a quiet and happy and auspicious feeling. Ascend the stairs, the boundless scenes of Dayu Mountain and south sea of China that look far into the distance to the sacrificial altar, fire the imagination especially.

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    1. The Hong Kong cultural center position Jianshazui sea approaches, take coordinates the high quality many Yuan performances need as the design idea. The center is equipped with three main performances locations, respectively is the music hall, the big theater and the theater. Whole year performs each kind of performance to manufacture, including various types concert, opera, drama, dance, play, movie and so on. The center also is equipped with the exhibition hall and four great hall exhibit floor and more than 10 conferences and rehearses the location.

    2. The Temple of Heaven Buddha is located to the Lantou Island elevation 520 meters raises evenly, is one of scenic sites which Hong Kong most receives welcome. The Temple of Heaven Buddha began construction in 1990, in 1993 December opened for the public the public figure visits. The image of Buddha height 26 meters, the weight 220 metric tons, are global biggest bronze place Buddha. The image of Buddha dignified is solemn and respectful, regardless of far view nearly looked, all gives the person the tranquil auspicious feeling. Steps onto, looks out into the distance Lantou Island to the sacrificial altar in and south the China sea immense the scenery, is fire imagination.

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