Food being wasted while others starve,are people to busy to care?

Theatres arena's,malls,fast food hospitals,banquets & others waste so much food while a family goes hungry next door,or outside the theatre.Are people to busy to care about man kind.

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    Excellent question. I always wonder about restaurants and grocery stores; I see all this prepared food and I know not all of it will be sold before it goes bad; why do they not donate to a feed the homeless program? There's so much food and so much being thrown out; what can we do? We'd have to be able to collect it and distribute it in a timely manner because it will go bad.

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    For reasons of health and hygienic, most uneaten food cannot be taken to a food kitchen for the poor or homeless. With pre-planning, some food can be taken to a soup or parish kitchen. When a company is hosting a banquet or a bride and groom are having a food buffet, food that has not yet been put out can be taken to food kitchens. A restaurant that has a ham or roast beef that is not cut into can donate it at the end of the evening but once the food has been cut off and pick over by other people it cannot be taken accepted by a food or parish kitchen because it is a health risk.

    For people who truly care about feeling the poor and homeless in your community, learn where food is accepted, donated and/or prepared. Donate non-perishable items (often there are bins at the the local grocery stores where you can easily donate some items). When you know where meals are prepared, call and ask what types of food are needed and, if you have the time, help prepare and serve the meals. Worry less about what you cannot control - half-eaten taco at the mall food court - and what you can control - a healthy meal of chicken, potatoes and vegetables for a child in need.

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    i worked at lots of those plsces in my time...the simple answer don't want people lined up out side of your business..or else you wont have any...there are foodbanks/soup kitchens...of the sort. After an event the food has sat out so long....that even during an event you should question the food itself. As to clearing and cleaning food away. Most of the time it is too late to bring anything anywhere. Most homeless shelters are shutdown for the night.

    I know it seems bad...but grocery store that can save food...they send to foodbanks.

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    people only care about themselves these days that is why the world is in such a mess. the greed for money and world items has become so strong that nobody cares about anyone, unless there is something to gain by it . we can afford to build a international space station in outer space that really isn,t going to benefit the normal person or be used by many , or it may well get wiped out by a meteorite , but we will not use that money to help feed and improve third world countries because, if we ignore it it will go away and we can continue pretending that all is well in our world . there is tonnes of food that gets thrown away a the end of a working day why can't we feed the needy and help , because there is nothing in it for us ...............sad really !

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    U r right food is being wasted now a days & not only in the neighbourhood in many countries of world ppl r dieing with hunger.only self realisation can help this problem.

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