How can I do a Spider-man picture like this?

Okay, so I'm taking a photography class and one of my project is to do a Spider-man inspired shoot using a 35mm SLR. I'm using this image ( and this image ( as references and I'm wondering, using an ordinary film and without Photoshop, how can I achieve the golden tone in the photograph? Should I use a gold filter? I'm also thinking of using a diffusion filter for a romantic shot of Peter and Mary Jane. What kind of diffusion filter do you recommend? I'm thinking of a Cokin Diffuser 2.

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    When doing links you need to keep the http part to make Yahoo! make it a link and dont use those ( ) marks.

    In both of these pictures, the golden tone are in the background, not the subject.

    The first link is to a drawn image (although drawn lifelike for sure).

    It appears to me that the second link has a "sun" or soft gold reflector to his left. And I think theres a snooted light on his right (not letting the light reflect off of his eyes, very dramatic).

    But hey, I'm just an amerature.

  • 4 years ago

    Spiderman has had such a lot of special symbols because he was once first created. The first-class method to uncover the exact one you are watching for is to sort "Spiderman image" into google after which press "Images" alternatively of "Search". This will exhibit you the 1000's of special symbols Spiderman has used via the years and the brand new ones created for Spiderman three.

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    1 decade ago

    The background just has the wrong color temperature (white balance). It's as if it was lit up by incandescent light bulbs during a brownout. Your best bet would be to light up the background with firelight.

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