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What has the polio vaccine done ?

What has it done, who gets it, etc .. ? What are its positive or negative contributions to society ?

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    The polio vaccine has eradicated polio in the US completely. I don't believe there has been one case of polio since the vaccine came out. However, having said that , there is a belief that a tainted vaccine was given in the tri-state area to all children from about 1956 to 1965. They manufactured the vaccine out of monkey blood, they found out that the blood of this monkey was tainted but the president was in such a rush to get this vaccine out to the children they kept this information to themselves. Now cancer is usually presented in neat little categories. 21 year old White Females can only get Cancer A, B or C. a 40 year old Black Male will only get Cancer F or K. I am making this up but usually cancers don't cross the line.... now since this vaccine, you have a 29 year old white female that is coming down with brain cancer that is only supposed to effect males in the 35 to 40 range. On and on.

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    The polio virus is generally a very mild one. It can become very serious in people with weak immune systems. About 1% of all the polio victims get the paralysis, etc. 99% do not even know they had the virus. Most believe they just had a cold or the flu and then they have permanent immunity to polio, unlike the vaccines that only give temporary immunity if at all. Polio, like most diseases like this, fade out of the population in due time. When the vaccine was developed, there were only about 3,000 cases being reported. The year before that, about 20,000 cases reported. The disease was on it's way out naturally, like most do.

    To make a long story short, doctors over-reported polio before 1954, and under-reported it afterwards. Politics. They were motivated to show that the vaccine worked. Vaccination Fever, following on the coattails of the Golden Age of antibiotics in the 1950s. Better living through chemistry. A little problem occurred in 1955 with some of the early lots of Salk polio vaccine. Some 80 children immediately got polio from the vaccine, and they spread it to at least another 120 kids. Three of the victims died and 75% were paralyzed. (Horowitz, p 487) Vaccination is always an experiment with the live population, and continues so today.

    The inventor of the vaccine, Jonas Salk himself testified in 1977 that the few cases of polio we now see in the U.S. are the result of using his live vaccine, which has been in use since 1955, rather than the result of the disease itself! (Mendelsohn, p 144).

    And the CDC itself also admits that all cases of polio in the U.S. after 1979 have been caused by the vaccine, not the disease! (Strebel, p 568).

    Ever wonder where Aids came from? From monkeys, right? How did that happen? Did men or women and monkeys have something going on that we all do not want to know about or maybe something else happened.

    50,000 Monkeys. -- were slaughtered in the 60s in order to make the Salk vaccine for polio. (James, p 124) Tens of thousands more had been killed since 1952, especially African green monkeys (Kyle), to provide kidneys on which to culture the vaccine. (PDR, 1998 p 2131) Looking at the statistics of polio during the past century (Figure 3), most researchers, including the developer himself, now feel the polio vaccine was unnecessary, because by 1954 the disease was obviously winding itself down throughout our species. But with HIV gaining strength some 25 years later, it is scary to look at a 1963 issue of Science Digest to find that in the 1950s a monkey virus named SV-40 was “unwittingly put into hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of doses of Salk vaccine.” (Snider) Curtis puts the number at “at least 10 million.” And where did this happen? Africa. (Curtis, p 1259) Great. Thanks a lot, guys. Thanks for bringing us the Black Plague of the 80s. The Merck corporation that developed this vaccine is the main culprit and is it no wonder they are now trying to make a vaccine for aids. Amazing. A great example of profit over health. Go to the following web site and read the great article written in great detail regarding statistics and information regarding vaccinations and the "Sanctity of Human Blood" and then decide for yourself what you want to believe.

    Source(s): many years of nutritional studies - B.A. Biology & Chemistry
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    Hi Tamara,

    The polio vaccine was first developed in 1954 by Salk. This vaccine had a strain of live polio virus in it and although in helped the panic ridden world of getting rid of polio it sadly also could cause polio. Later Sabin developed the dead vaccine and people could not get polio from it but it immunized children and adults from coming down with the polio virus.

    In the U.S. and now Mexico they no longer use the live vaccine and we are very much protected from polio except when it is brought in from a third world country. We did have a few small outbreaks in the U.S., one in a quaker community who would not be vaccinated it affected several in their community as they were exposed to the wild polio virus. Also, about 5 years ago a child was immunized with the live vaccine and pass polio to another child. For the foremost the U.S. is polio free. Not getting vaccinated can leave you open to still picking up the wild virus, but it is not being spread like it was from 1930's to the 1950's,

    There were many who got polio from the first vaccine that was made but fortunantely that was taken off the market rather quickly.

    Our third world countries are still recieving the live vaccine due to cost. This lets some of the kids get polio and carry it back to their villages where they infect other children. Some die and some only have flu like sypmtoms and some are paralyzed. I just went to a post polio conference in Miami and met people from around the world. It was sad to see that they still had many crippled children in their countries. I don't know where the World Health Organization gets their statitics as they don't seem to mesh what I saw in the rest of the world. Here are the current statists reported on polio by the World Health Organization (WHO):

    But to help you understand the polio scare during the 40's, it was like the AIDS scare was when it first started. Families were shunned because their children could pass the virus on. Only about 10% of the kids that had polio were acutally paralyzed, that leaves about 90% who didn't even know the flu their parents thought they had was really polio.

    The sad part is most people don't know that those of us who had polio (mine was a very mild case of paralysis that lasted only 3 days), now are suffering the after effects of polio! When you had polio and recovered your body had to rebuild the neurons that died in your spine from the virus, they grew new axioms (sprouts) that sent the messages to your muscles to work. Well they last about 10 to 50 years and then you find your body as it ages and you over use it, starts the process of breaking down those sprounted neurons and the muscles no longer get good signals to move and work. We call this Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). In 1998 their was an estimated 1.63 million people with PPS in the U.S. and about 20 million world wide.

    The battle continues, especially in Nigera. Polio may be declining but there are many crippled children left in our world. So the vaccine has helped many, but the live vaccine has left many crippled even now.

    The stories about the monkey blood being used in creating the vaccine for polio is true. But no one can prove that this is the reason for AIDS.

    If you want more information please go to our webiste you will find several ariticles on the subject of polio and post polio.

    We are there to help all who want to know more.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Source(s): Shari Fiksdal, Acting President and Co-Founder International Post Polio Support Organization (IPPSO)
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    We are close to eradicating polio. See

    for the current numbers. Hopefully, it will soon join smallpox as a disease only seen in the past.

    The injected form of the vaccine, the only one approved in the US, is an inactivated vaccine and cannot cause the disease. The oral form (OPV) is a live vaccine and causes the paralytic disease in about 1 in 1.4 million first doses, 1 in 2.4 million total doses (its a 3-dose series).

    To say polio would disappear on its own is unlikely to be true. For every case of paralytic disease, there are 200 to 1,000 infections. 95% of cases are asymptomatic. So even in the best years, there were likely to have been many thousands of cases.

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    The vaccine has virtually rid us of a very debilitating disease. Polio caused so much grief and crippling that with the vaccine we see no more wheelchair bound people because of polio. ~

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    Eradicated Polio for the most part

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    Today, polio remains endemic in just four countries: Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

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