Help with magnitude of final velocity please help!?

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A 0.148 kg glider is moving to the right on a frictionless, horizontal air track with a speed of 0.900 m/s. It has a head-on collision with a 0.291 kg glider that is moving to the more
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You have two issues here, first, Conservation of Momentum and second, Conservation of Energy.
Also any motion towards the left is arbitrarily negative and motion to the right, positive

Mg1= Mass Glider1
Vg1i= Initial Velocity Glider 1
Vg1f = Final Velocity Glider 1

Mg2= Mass Glider2
Vg2i= Initial Velocity Glider 2 (Note make Vg2i negative)
Vg2f = Final Velocity Glider 2

Conservation of Momentum
Mg1*Vg1i + Mg2*Vg2i= Mg1Vg1f +Mg2*Vg2f

Conservation of Energy
1/2*Mg1*(Vg1i)^2 + 1/2*Mg2*(Vg2i)^2= 1/2*Mg1(Vg1f )^2+1/2*Mg2*(Vg2f)^2

Plug all of number into the two equations above and you can solve for Vg1f and Vg2f.

(Note: Vg1f should be ~ - 3 and Vg2f ~ -2)

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thanx for your help!
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