Did illegals aliens do it again ? Westside Hospital Expected to Seek Bankruptcy Protection?

The TIMES would rather have a right hand chopped off than write the phrase “Illegal Immigrant” and they would rather go into convulsions on broken glass that write “Illegal Alien”.


Brotman Medical Center, a key healthcare provider serving Los Angeles' Westside, is expected to seek protection from creditors in Bankruptcy Court as early as next week, according to three executives familiar with the matter.

Administrators at the 420-bed hospital in Culver City have tried for months to avoid filing a bankruptcy petition but have continued struggling to pay its growing debt.

Brotman became the center of a firestorm last month when state health inspectors released a report finding that doctors and nurses failed to provide proper care to a mentally disabled woman, who died after a series of medical mistakes.

The medical center is expected to file under bankruptcy provisions that will give management more time to fix its financial problems.

Since 1996, more than 70 community hospitals have closed across the state, with a disproportionate share -- more than 50 -- in Southern California. Regionally, 14 emergency rooms have closed in the last five years, including 10 in Los Angeles County.

"Since 1996, more than 70 community hospitals have closed across the state, with a disproportionate share -- more than 50 -- in Southern California. Regionally, 14 emergency rooms have closed in the last five years, including 10 in Los Angeles County?" And does anyone know why? AnyoneThat's right! Because illegals continue to receive medical care and do not pay for it! And we can all thank GWB for refusing to enforce the immigration laws, refusing to fine employers who hire illegals and refusing to secure BOTH borders.

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    The Pro-Illegal Alien ppl will state it's Cali or it's sloppy bookkeeping or maybe Dr's get paid too much.

    I ask my fellow Americans to keep lighting up the Congressional Switchboard, keep flooding Congress' fax boxes and keep calling on your Congressional Representatives office door......during business hours that is. Let them know that Illegal Aliens and their antics must be dealt with quickly and swiftly. Thank You.

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    If you don't have insurance, community hospitals are where they send you, where most don't have to pay squat, or very, very little. The case load is overwhelming, they are understaffed to be able to handle this, as they cannot pay for more doctors or nurses. Yes, we can thank the 1/2 illegals, who are making it more difficult for citizens to get insurance, because the premiums now are so high, especially for a reasonable deductable. Even Medicad for citizens is harder to get on. The insurance companies are paying out less for medical care, and are denying people less and less needed treatments. Ah, the rights of illegals strike again.

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    Yes, the illegals have done it again. Have they no shame? I can't imagine going somewhere I was not wanted let alone sneaking in and expecting handouts. I think it's time for a public vote of the American people to see what "we the people" really have to say about this nonsense and the complete lack of action from those that were voted into office! It may be time for another Boston teaparty. Taxation without representation is what I'm seeing, everywhere! And GWB, I hope he realizes the type of Karma he has accumulated in his quest for oil.

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    I believe Mr. Bush, coupled with the Democratic Leadership of Congress that exists today, will be the most expensive President and Democratic Leadership this country will ever see. We will be spending years gettting this mess undone, and the ill will it bred for the Mexican Nationals is simply growing. I don't think we can afford it. But if you do write Congress, ask them to put the cost of the illegal aliens on the .. Congressional ... retirement program.

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    Did you know, according to a Congressional investigation, of the 45,000,000 uninsured in the United States about 1/2 are immigrants, most illegal. It's almost certain this is why this hospital will close.

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    The EMTALA plays a large role in this problem as well, by mandating that all hospitals must provide emergency medical treatment regardless of patient's ability to pay, but providing no reimbursement for that treatment.

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    read the article in vanity fair about how our farm bill ,with its huge profits for giant agro corporations for overproduction , is actually causing poor Mexicans to move here . once again corrupt congressmen and greedy multinational agro businesses have b. s . ed us into thinking its the Mexicans fault when its the U.S. flooding the mexican markets with corn or soy so cheap that the dirt farmers there can't even compete . so its starve or jump a fence for them .

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