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Who should I pick, Robin Thicke or Andrea Bocelli?

The same website that I asked about before. I understand from my lady friends that the sexiest singer in the world today all genres is Robin Thicke. I haver heard some of his work and was totally impressed.

The reason for all this detail is simply the more sensual a woman feels while shopping the more she buys. My target market is 25-45 women with means. You women are my customer. Who would cause the most emotions in you Robin or Andrea? Please, don't tell me about Intellectual Property Rights, I have 30 years dealing with those.

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    All I can tell you, sir, is that Robin Thicke is HOT, and very talented. I'd like to hear him sing in his lower case sometime (like Barry Gibb or Franki Valli.)

    I'm sure you know that he's Alan Thickes' son. I remember when he was a baby, Alan and Robin's mother, Gloria Loring, were really into charity orgs for diabetes. I wonder how Robin is doing. He looks pretty healthy to me!! :)

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