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Why did Julius Caesar die?


stabbed by Brutus and others was how he died. i need to know WHY. what caused ppl to kill him.

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    Julius Caesar was assassinated because

    the polical opponents of the senates

    were try to claim title of king.

    Caesar was stabbed 23 times.

    and there were more than 60 men involved.

    Caesar died age 57

    According to the physician

    the wound to the chest was the one that

    killed Caesar.

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    4 years ago

    When Did Julius Caesar Die

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    Well, actually Julius Caesar wanted to go down in a famous and legendary death. It was his way of being immortal so his name would live on. He knew about them planning to kill him and knew there was not much he could or even better wanted to do. In order for his name to live on he knew he needed hid death to be extrodinary. He even fired his bodyguards several days before the planned meeting! So in case eight years later if you still want to know :) there you go!

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    according to the book Julius Casear by William Shakespear, he died because Cassius was hungry for power so he got some of the Romans to kill Julius Caesar. He told them that he would become a dictoator, a tyrant, and that nobody wanted one ruler of rome. Cassius was so good at persuading people that he even got Casesars best friend to help him, Brutus. Brutus does it because Cassius leads him to believe that teh people of Rome want Brutus to be the king of Rome and Cassius says that Brutus's anscestors threw out the last tyrant of Rome. Cassius also makes childhood references. So at the end Cassius gets everybody to join up with him and then they kill Caesar.

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    You could have gotten the answer 3 minutes ago if you just search for 'julius Caesar' and read his bio.

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    Because the Roman Senate were afraid of his power, some of his friends and Brutus who was like a son to him betrayed him and killed him in a very violent gruesome way. They stabbed him many times. Many of the lay people really loved him but he did kind of come in and just take over Rome. Rent Rome and watch it. The whole first season is about the rise and fall of Julius Caesar......very good!!!!!!!!

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    Julies Caesar was gaining to much power. Every day he began to act more like an emperor. The senators that stabbed him thought it was for the good of Rome. they were trying to prevent Rome from going back to emperors. Caesars best friend Brutes nearly gave the plan to kill Caesar all away because he was a good friend of Caesar. But in the end he gave in and helped them stab Caesar. Augustus then had all the senators hunted down and publicly executed for killing Caesar.

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    His friend, Brutus, betrayed him and thrust a knife into his chest.

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    go to Google and type in

    "Julius Ceasar"

    read all about him.

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