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Les Miserables movie help?

I am doing a report on the movie Les Miserables. I need help finding important quotes or situation that help show the social injustices being protested in the movie. Please help me find some

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    First of all, you need to know that the movie version of Les Miserables, with Liam Neeson and Claire Daines is a complete and inaccurate bastardization of the novel. Along with the characters that have been totally erased from the film adaptation of the book, (characters such as Eponine ane Enjolras) so too were the themes of tragedy that Hugo emphasized in the books, that are in a subtle way, also highlighted in the movie (unrequited love and martyrdom)

    Basically, what you need to know is that the film focuses on only one of the central plots of the novel, the plight of Jean Valjean and the dogged determination of his pursuer, Inspector Javert, played by Geoffrey Rush.

    In the book and movie, Jean Valjean narrates how he breaks the window pane of a store in order to steel a loaf of bread. This was because his sister's child was experiencing severe pain due to chronic hunger. This is where Hugo's work stands out, as he experiments with the roles of the protagonist and antagonist.

    You see, Jean Valjean believes that he is the protagonist because he did what was legally wrong in order to achieve what was morally right. On the other hand, Inspector Javert, who lives in his own mind to enforce "the way of the Lord", believes that he is the protagonist because he needs to punish those who are evil desipite their reasons for commiting the 'evil' things that they do. (I.E., thieves and stealing.)

    Somewhere along the middle of the movie and book, Inspector Javert is found guilty as a spy by the student revolutionary organization, The ABC, with whom Jean Valjean fought with. At one point, Valjean volunteers to execute Javert in the back alley of one of the meeting places of the ABC where he was tied up, only to free him, saying "I know you are a good person, you don't owe me anything. You don't deserve to die." and frees him before arranging a meetingplace where he (Javert) may later find him (Valjean) so that he can arrest him and be at peace with the conclusion of his dogged pursuit.

    Towards the end of the movie, Javert comes to a dillemma and realizes that although he has landed in his what he has chased after for so long, the 'thief' Jean Valjean, he too realizes that he is indebted to this thief. In so doing, Javert reckons that the arresting of Valjean will have him forever owing his life to this 'thief'. On the other hand, Javert also realizes that not arresting Valjean would have him in direliction of his fanatical duty to the Lord.

    So his recourse was, in realizing that it was he after all who was destined to be the 'wrongful person' no matter what he does, that he is 'the antagonist' he has fought all along, Javert frees Valjean, (who came to their rendezvous point for his final surrender as promised) only to commit suicide by jumping in the river Seine. Perhaps was the only way to be righteous for Javert, as he swore that in his righteousness, he will eliminate those who are 'wrong' from society, no matter who they are.

    The themes here are as follows:

    The power of forgiveness, the sacrifice of doing what is right, and the inexistence of absolutes.

    The social injustices being protested in the movie are as follows;

    The total ignorance of those who are have the privilege of power towards the plight of those who have none and the death of the righteous.

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    Many men and women who hate the film Because of the making a song. The making a song within the film was once definatly manner underneath what you could see within the construction. I for one agree that the making a song was once terrible however loved the film besides for the reason that it gave the impression to upload one other layer directly to the play, via exhibit ing the actors up near and the entire scenary. Some men and women nevertheless can't recover from the making a song lengthy adequate to attention ont the entire different powerful portions of the film.

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    The BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT quote in the whole FRICKIN play is......"There's a chain in my mouth; and it never comes out" this is when the protagonist laments about how she has a horrible life.

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