Getting a new T-Mobile Phone?

Ok heres the deal... my old phone broke, so i need a new phone. And i was wondering if i could just buy a phone on e-bay, put my sim card in, and then go to a t-mobile store to activate it. But im not sure if that the right plan of action. So please tell me what to do!

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    Yes, you can just buy a phone off ebay, but make sure it's either a T-mobile branded phone or unlocked, (meaning that it can be used with either T-mobile or cingular/at&t )or you can get a cingular/at&t branded phone, but it has to be unlocked by someone in order for it to work on the T-mobile network..

    If it's a T-mobile phone you just have to put the SIM card in and you don't have to do anything, it's ready to go. With an unlocked phone, you may have to get T-mobile to step in, because while you can call and text, certain things, like T-zones may not work (since it's a carrier specific thing..

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    You need to buy a cell phone that is tmobile compatible. When I buy a new cell all I do is just insert my sims card

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    t-modile roxs b/c u can....

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